Friday, 3 February 2012


“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of a Sasha simply has to take pictures of her!”

Well, we all love to take pictures of our Sashas. It is not surprising. They are extraordinarily photogenic, fairly posable and extremely patient and forbearing. The end result is almost always very pleasing. There is something very 'human' about these dolls. Sasha Morgenthaler has succeeded in her quest and produced a miniature 'child'. I have put up a picture in our hall of Hanna (Granddaughter) with all the Sashas in the garden doing various things. People invariably ask whose birthday party this is, until the realization strikes, that these are actually dolls.  At first glance what you see is children having fun! I don't think you could produce this effect with other dolls. Their proportions are all wrong. I could be proved wrong on this point, of course!

Here they are, but without Hanna

A detail taken from the above picture: Hanna and Tabatha playing with Lego.
Hanna is wearing a dress by Hagnolly. Bolero by Gillian. Tabatha is wearing a dress by Jadzia.

Some more pictures from my archive. They were taken last Spring.

Having a chat in the garden. Clothes: Iona is wearing a Hagnolly outfit. The others are in Jestsew outfits. Hat by Alexissofie. Bolero by Stomar

My shoe is undone

I think Raffay is showing off!!!
The girls are wearing outfits by Justsew. Raffay's sweater is one of  Gillian's and the pants were made by Petrana

This garden is a jungle!

You are not kidding!
(Yasmin seems to have lived in her Dirndl last Spring!)


  1. They really are wonderful aren't they, as you say so poseable and so pretty as well :-)

  2. Great pictures, makes you believe that the sun will shine and it will be warm again soon

    1. Oh, I do hope so, Dee! But we are not out of the woods yet! I think you might be able to take photos of your gorgeous Sashas frolicking in the snow any day now!

  3. Hübsche Dinger die Du da in Deinen Garten eingeladen hast! Sind das jetzt alle Deine SASHAS oder sind da auch Leihgaben von Hannah und Yasmin dabei? Übrigens toll, wahrscheinlich von Wasi, fotographiert!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Rudi, ob Du das kriegst, weiss ich nicht. Ich habe 15 Sashas (drei Buben und 12 Maedchen) u. drei Baby Sashas. Hanna hat 2 Maedchen u. Iona hat jetzt eines von mir bekommen. Die Bilder im Botanischen Garten wurden teilweise von Wasi u. von mir aufgenommen. Alle anderen Sasha Bilder habe ich selbst fotografiert! Schreib Dich bei meinem Sasha blog als Mitglied ein! Habe erst 6!!! Liebe Gruesse

  5. You are really good with the camera!
    I love your dolls and your garden reminds me of the "Secret garden" movie :-)

  6. Da war ich jetzt wohl ein paar mal daneben! Es ist nicht dein Garten und fotogrfiert hast Du die meisten auch selber! Tut mir leid! Das tut der Sache aber keinen Abbruch! Das sind tolle Bilder und hübsche Puppen!
    Liebe Grüße
    Your Brother Rudi

    PS: Der wird jetzt Mitglied

    1. Hi Rudi, diese Bilder sind schon in meinem Garten fotografiert! Welcome to the Sasha Community!