Saturday, 18 August 2012

Boys and their games

Introducing Toby-James

There are two Toby-James’s in my life already, and now here is a third! This is my first red-headed boy and he is quite cute, if a little too neat! Must get Dollydoodled up!

No sooner had he settled in, he was pressed into playing cricket with the rest of the boys! Phew, give a boy a chance!

For those who need to know: Peter and Raffay are batting, Sebastian is wicket keeper, Romy and Toby-James are fielding and Teddy is bowling. 7 runs have been scored and no one is out!

 Game over, I think!

Cricket sweaters by Freda Ainsley (Postiesbabe), Cricket outfits and caps by Alexissofie, Cricket bats, balls and stumps by Nicholas Cooper


  1. Get photo's Karin , Toby-James is a nice addition to your family, I do like the red haired boys.

    Love the cricket match , cannot wait to collect my set off Gill and just like the dog to decide to sit on the pitch right where they are playing! Maybe he/she just wanted to watch the action!

    1. Sebastian is looking in the direction of the bowler who has the ball. In Sebastian's world, all balls belong to him! xxx karin

  2. The cricket match is wonderful! I can almost hear the roar of the crowd :-)

    Toby-James is a very handsome lad, congrats on his arrival

    1. Thank you Mikki! The plan is to have a proper Cricket 11 with the girls making up the full team! Need to get their outfits organized! I thought pleated white skirts and blouses and sweaters with pink stripes! xxx karin