Wednesday, 31 October 2012



A Tuesday morning during Half Term

   Toby James has noticed something pinned to the wall. ‘Hey Benjamin, have a look at this!’

Benjamin comes running. ‘It’s a leaflet advertising something. Let’s see...’
Dominic comes to have a look, too. He spells out the words: ‘ it says ‘ In S-earch of Im-mo-rality, I think’. 

Raffay who has now joined the group can't believe his ears. 'What? Don't be stupid. Let me see.  It says ‘In Search of Immortality. Tomb Treasures of the HAN Dynasty in China!’

'Oh boy! You know what that means! A trip to the Museum! That's worse than being at school! I knew something was up when we had to change out of our Dollydoodles outfits!



  1. Can barely wait for the next instalment!!!!
    All looking very smart in their 'Sunday best' gear!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. Oh dear, how could they think a trip to the museum is worse than being at school?! It must be SCHOOL trips to the museum they have been on before, poor boys. Hopefully they will enjoy this trip.

    They all look fabulous in their clothes, very handsome indeed.

  3. Super group of lads there Karin!!

  4. Great post Karin. Love how the baby is playing with the doll and book in the background.

    1. Hi Dee, I wondered whether anyone would notice the baby doing her own thing in the background! Thanks for noticing!!! xxx Karin