Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Goodbye to Christmas 2012

Just a few more Christmas images – mainly for the grandchildren, who also look at this blog.
The kids dressing the small Christmas tree for the Hall.
The background here is the painting (Acrylics) my sister-in-law gave me as a Christmas present. It is waiting to be hung.
It is Christmas Eve and Romy is ready to hand out the presents from under the tree. The custom in Austria is to celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas Eve with the giving of gifts while the candles burn on the tree followed by a Midnight Mass. Absolute magic, if the snow is lying deep and crisp and even!
Sebastian knows that he will soon be able to open his present, too. He has been sniffing the parcels ever since they were put under the tree, but he knows to be patient, like the rest of us.

Twelfth Night – the Festival of the Three Kings!   For the kids it is time to say good bye to Christmas. The babies are flying with the Snow Bear to the North Pole to take presents to Father Christmas for being so kind to all the children round the World. I just hope they don’t fall off! Better hold on tight!



  1. Yes Christmas is now all packed away for another year and the photo's of the Sasha's and babies look lovely.
    Sasha love Dee

  2. Careful babies riding the snow bear north, hope they get home safely. such a lovely small tree for the dolls.

  3. What a delightful extra link to your grandchildren via your blog phosts.
    Looks tom have been a wonderful Christmas for your Sasha Dolls as well as your family and Sebastian.
    Love to hear of the Christmas customs from other countries and also individual family traditions that have been adopted and kept to over the years.
    Midnight Mass, is as you mention, quite wonderful but a bit more difficult when you have very young children and elder members. I did attend these for quite a number of years but since getting older I have had to give it up and now go to a Christmas Eve earlier children's mass or one on Christmas Day morning instead.
    Loved the idea of the babies riding on the Snow Bear to give some presents to Father Christmas.
    Hope that Sebastian enjoyed his present.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Dear Kendal, it is difficult to hang on to original family customs and traditions, as our children as well as the grandchildren are 'British' through and through! But they do seem quite happy to have the bonus of the traditional Austrian Christmas Eve and on top of that, Father Christmas also makes an appearance on Christmas Day! I am interested to see how long down the line this Christmas Eve tradition will hold! We love the Christmas Carol mass which is earlier in the evening and when possible part of the family goes to that. I am usually too busy to do any of it, I am ashamed to say! Happy New Year! xxx Karin

  4. Lovely photos, and what a beautiful looking youngster Romy is!
    I hope Sebastian enjoyed his pressie too!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Hi Sharon, Christmas is finally over! Romy is a gorgeous boy. He was on present duty for the first time, as Hanna, his bigger sister wasn't well. Sebastian, alas, was disappointed, as his present didn't squeak, nor was it edible!!! Father Christmas let him down badly this year! Happy New Year! xxx Karin