Saturday, 21 December 2013


To all my Sasha Friends!
A Very Happy Christmas full of Sasha Magic and a Wonderful New Year!
My Sashas and I hope that all your wishes will be fulfilled and that that longed for, special Sasha will appear under your tree! 
We are going to spend Christmas with the grand children,
so see you in the New Year! 


  1. Many thanks for the Christmas wishes.
    The Sasha Brood and I wish you and your Sasha Dolls a wonderful time celebrating with your grandchildren. Nothing like sharing a Christmas with kids!
    Look forward to your return in the New Year.

  2. Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

  3. A very happy Christmas to you as well Karin and have a super wonderful time with your lovely family.

    Best wishes for the New Year.

  4. Love your photo Karin a beautiful Christmas scene.
    Have a fabulous time with your Family, Children bring that special Magic to Christmas.
    Merry Christmas and a Sasha filled new year to you and yours
    Love Dee xxx

  5. Have a wonderful happy Christmas with your family.

  6. I hope you have a wonderful time with your grandchildren, Karin, and look forward to more posts from you in the New Year!
    Feliz Navidad from Spain xxxxxx

  7. Merry Christmas Karin i hope you have a great time with your Grandchildren
    Theresa x