Saturday, 26 May 2012

Port de bras, Iona!

Iona is going to her Ballet class. She is wearing her cape to keep warm.

Iona is practising her arm movements. Particularly important if you want to become an elegant Ballerina!

Now to first position

Second position

Up to third position

Fourth position

And now fifth position

Well done! Now back to the beginning!

Iona, I think you are ready to be one of the cygnets in Swan Lake! Toi, toi, toi!


Kendal said...

Someone certainly knows their ballet positions!
Well done Iona and as they say practice makes perfect. I'm sure that you'll enjoy being and make an excellent Cygnet in Swan Lake, my favourite ballet of all times.
My daughter took ballet and tap dancing from the age of three to eighteen years and took many examinations (achieving distinctions) over the years plus taking part in dance shows put on by her ballet school raising money for various charities. I can well see you following in her footsteps.
Sasha love and thanks for allowing us to see you in action. From Kendal.

Serenata said...

Iona is so pretty and such a lovely dancer. My younger son took ballet for a few years, until the girls started teasing him too much.

Dee said...

Well done Iona, you look lovely in your ballet outfit and I love the blue background.

Theodora said...

Hi Lorraine, that's a shame! But this has given me an idea. I think I shall get some tights for Peter, one of my new boys and let him do ballet as well! He is a graceful little chap!

Theodora said...

Thank you auntie Dee! I believe the blue background is a much faded block print by Renoir, dating from the mid 70s bought from Athena!

Theodora said...

Thank you auntie Kendal! I shall try and follow in your daughter's footsteps! She seems to have done exceptionally well! Distinction! That's quite something! And to be able to raise money for charity must be very satisfying. Well done indeed. xxx Iona