Sunday, 8 January 2017

MORE OF MY GIRLS: Natasha, Poppy, Zoe, Amelie

4 more of my girls in Winter clothing ready for a brisk stroll through the local woods. 

Natasha, a wide-faced blonde Trendon (1969) is wearing one of Gillian Nash’s Llama sweaters and a Hagnolly Kilt. With her tights and trainers she looks like she’d like to go for a run!

Poppy is a mid-sixties sleight-eyed blonde Götz. Hat, cardigan and socks by Rosie Laird. She uses this lovely 4ply Shetland wool for her knitwear. Her skirt was made by Carol Ann Marsch and the shoes are JJs. 

Zoe, a later Trendon with lovely red hair is wearing a corduroy dress by Jadzia and a cardigan by Diane Duke. Boots by Lisa Hartley. 

Here is Amelie, a sweet-faced Trendon honey-blonde Silkdress. So different from Phoebe. She, too, is wearing an outfit made by Rosie Laird, including a tweed skirt. She looks like a stylish Scottish Lass! Shoes by Marti Sanders Murphy. 


  1. Well they all look nice and warm in their beautiful knitwear and ready for a lovely walk in the local woods.

    1. Hi Dee, you are so kind to comment on my offerings! Sending you hugs. xxx