Tuesday, 3 January 2017

MY SASHA GIRLS: Molly and Marika

Molly is an early 70s Trendon. She came with a badly cut blonde bob, which was vastly improved by Zoe, Gillian’s daughter. Even so, her hair was a huge bush and I tried to tame it with the boiling water treatment. Alas, in her case, the volume of her hair seemed to increase with this treatment and, yet again, I took the scissors to it and bought her a wig. I am still hankering after an exact same Sasha, with a lovely, if less bushy bob. I shall keep looking. In the meantime, I think she looks really cute with this particular wig. 

I love nice knitwear. One of my favourite knitwear designers is Gillian Nash. I have a huge amount of GN knitwear to choose from, but this is one of my favourites. The little ra ra skirt is by Carol Anne Marsh and the socks are by Rosie Laird.

Marika is my one and only Götz NN (No Navel). She is named after my Mom and I have given her the same birthday, i.e. the 5th of January. She has a classy bob which I love. Here she is wearing a Diane Duke exclusive. I love Diane’s work. She is extremely talented, as we all know. I think this pattern is called Mirage, but if someone wants to correct me on this, please feel free. The dungarees set is made by Stela Aranghelova and the shoes are Lisa Hartley. 


  1. Gorgeous girls in great outfits :) I love your no navel girl especially xx

    1. My only NN Dee! I love your collection. xxx