Monday, 25 March 2013


I am a little perplexed why two photographs, taken in the same light on the same day should differ from one another. I have no answers to this – I can only assume that my camera is fickle. Here are a few pictures, with simple captions, by way of illustration.
Benjamin is wearing his very nice new shirt made by Lel (Beadsandbags). I was trying to get the colour of the shirt right

This is probably the truer shade

Lissi wearing her new dress from Stela and one of ‘Hattie’s’ hats.

Lara is wondering whether the straw hat will go with her outfit

A pretty dress by Stela – ready for Spring???

Easter preparations

Baby Tabatha has discovered a bucket of chocolate eggs! Not yet, Tabatha!!!
This is what it looks like from the balcony at present. I love the white stuff – but not this late in the year!!!



  1. What a smart group of Sasha kids you have Karin! The girls look pretty dressed ready for spring but I love the picture of your girl in the snow best dressed in one of Gill's outfits(?)

    1. Yeah, Gillian's knitwear has a certain je ne sais quoi!!! Hope you are not snowed in or under, Ronnie! xxx Karin

  2. No, we are snow free at the moment...thank goodness, but it is jolly cold here!!

  3. Great photo's Karin, I know what you mean about colours looking totally different from one photo to the next!

    Love the photo at the end of your girl in Gill's sweater dress set and with the perfect matching red boots.

    I have had enough of this snow lark, it's gone on far to long..we need some sun......

    1. I concur heartily, Dee! It is so dreadfully disappointing! The winter seems to be re-starting with a vengeance! I really feel for the people up north - and especially for their poor animals. These farmers must be at their wits end. Stay warm. xxx Karin

  4. These are lovely photos Karin! I would say that the first photo just has a slight blue hue to it, but the rest are great! Your Sasha kids are all so beautifully dressed. I agree on the snow though, it looks nice, is great for photos, but it really has been going on just too long for you all....I hope it melts soon!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx