Thursday, 21 March 2013



Three very special dresses 

Gillian keeps saying that she has too many clothes for her Sashas and I reply, ‘same here’, but it never seems to stop me from wanting more! (Doesn’t stop Gillian either!). I think I am as much in love with the clothes, as I am with the Sashas. Here is what I recently succumbed to. 


Three lovely dresses, three amazing seamstresses, three happy girls!

Lara is showing off her bloomers!


Sophie is wearing a classic Ruthsdolls outfit. Beautiful match of fabric and colours. Beautifully made.
I love this Sasha style. So pretty and perfect for a little girl.
Tagan is wearing a dress by Jadzia. Sumptuous colours
and beautiful fabric.

This dress is also tied with a sash at the back. It is beautifully made.

But the outfit that takes my breath away is made by Petrana. It is extravagant in its conception and execution. The pictures I took do not do it justice. The dress is over-exposed and the detail seems lost.


It comes with a petticoat and bloomers, a scarf to tie round the hair and some diaphanous ribbons to tie round the waist. I suppose I am enchanted with it, because it is a little ‘folksy’ when taken as a whole. But when simply worn as a dress, it has a different feel altogether.

Here it is without the ribbons and petticoat, and with just the bloomers.
But it is the detailed work on this dress which is so impressive. A lot of skill has gone into it and it is exquisitely sewn. Just beautiful.


I am delighted with all three outfits. We are so lucky that there are such wonderfully skilled people sewing for our Sashas. I consider these to be works of art in their own right. No wonder we are all hooked and can't get enough of these enchanting clothes.



  1. Three lovely girl's in three lovely dresses.
    We are very lucky to have such wonderfully talented people out there making things fr our girl's ..and boys.

    I think all sasha mum's have way too many clothes for their children but somehow still need to buy more!

    Thanks for sharing your girl's with us Karin
    Dee xx

    1. Yes, Dee, so much talent out there!!! My mother was an amzing needlewoman - why did I not inherit this talent from her? What I did inherit was a tendency for migraines!!! She is now 93 and can't sew any more, alas, but she would have enjoyed sewing for Sashas! xxx Karin

  2. Karin, your girls are well dressed! Our girls have more clothes and shoes than us for sure.

  3. Karin your girls look gorgeous, I love their red hair, they all look so different, and yes, their dresses are really lovely! I am embarrassed to say that my two girls are short of clothes! But I intend to rectify that over the next couple of weeks by sewing some outfits for them at last!!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. You lucky thing! I started out thinking I could sew for my Sashas. When everything turned out looking like nightware, I gave up! But the Sashas need not miss out! There is a Candystore full of delicious offerings out there! All you need is a paypal account and to ignore this little inner voice which keeps nagging at you: 'enough is enough!' Looking forward to your creations, Sharon! xxx Karin

  4. The girls look super in their spring dresses! How I wish I could sew! I am SEW jealous of those that can :)

    1. Me too, Ronnie!!! Nice play on words there! Such talent in the Sasha community all round! xxx Karin

  5. I too now belong to the ranks of 'Non Sasha Sewers' but luckily there are so many talented seamstresses out there that it isn't a problem.....'if I were rich!' It's the funding of their vast wardrobes that is the snag. So many temptations around that I can never seem to resist. Had to even go the other day to buy yet another storage box to house their latest purchases in.

    Your three girls above look absolutely delightful Karin. If I only had to choose one I'd be spoilt for choice. Each dress looks equisite on it's owner but I do love all that detailed work that has gone into the last one featured here.

    Can they swap dresses between themselves, since they are all redheaded or do they look the very best that way round? I've found that certain dresses sometimes only suit certain dolls so unfortunately once I find the doll on which the dress looks really good I tend to keep them always together as it does make the seasonal clothing changes easier and saves a great deal of time.

    1. I know it sounds crazy, Kendal, but I do feel that some of the Sashas look better in certain clothes. It is not just the hair colour, but also their 'ages' that are deciding factors. To me, some of them look younger than others. You probably find the same thing. There is so much variety in their expression and demeanour - I really don't know how they achieved this, but there it is! In this trio Sophie is certainly the youngest, and the Ruthsdoll dress fits her perfectly. It looked odd when I tried it on Lara (Goetz). It is a lot of fun collecting the clothes and I dare not add up what I spend on them! I suppose it is the same for all of us! It is a nice hobby and it is really nice that we can enjoy each others Sashas as well. That is a definite bonus of the blogging that goes on. xxx Love Karin