Friday, 29 March 2013

You've got mail!


Iona was just reading a story to keep baby Yasmin and Tabatha quiet. ‘And Little Red Ridinghood said "what big teeth you have, Grandma"’, she read, when Raffay excitedly burst into the room.

‘Iona, the postman has just left a letter for you! Who on earth would want to write to you? Come on, OPEN IT!!!’
'It doesn't look like a letter. I think it is a card'
‘Wow! What a beautiful card. Look!!! It’s me and Saskia! It’s an Easter Card from my friend Saskia!’
‘Let’s see!’ Hanna and Raffay crowd round Iona to have a better look. 'That's a great photo', Hanna agrees.


‘Let me read what it says’. Raffay reads: ‘Happy Easter Iona , love from Saskia.’ ‘Hm. This Saskia is obviously flavour of the month!’
'You are just jealous, Raffay, because no one writes to you!' says Iona. 'You probably don't have any friends who can write!'

The girls put the card onto the book shelf. ‘It looks great there, Iona’, Hanna says. ‘How nice of Saskia to send you a card!’

‘I think she is my best friend,' says  Iona. We’ll go and have lunch together again very soon!’

Raffay mutters: ‘LUNCH! I don't understand girls,’ and jumps on his bike.
‘Get off that bike this instance,’ says Hanna sternly. ‘You know that you are not allowed to ride it in the house!’
And off he goes...










  1. Great story Karin. Lovely card that Iona got from Saskia,poor Raffay being jealous lucky there was no easter egg or he would have been very unhappy!!
    Happy Easter
    Dee x

    1. Yes, the card really was a nice surprise - to everyone! I think it is Raffay's lot in life to be jealous of his little sister! It's tough to be the older one, don't you think? xxx Karin

  2. Fabulous story Karin, and how lovely that Iona got a card from Saskia. I noticed that we have a couple of the same books...Tartuffe and another... I found my two at a local antiques market. Think they are beyond the kids yet, but they look good! :-)

    1. I love those miniatures! I had a lot more, but the real Hanna and Romy went off with a few the other day! Must replenish the missing stock! Amazing what comes in handy as Sasha props! xxx Karin

  3. Happy Easter Karin!
    Saskia is very clever making that card - she must have got her mum Gill to help :)

    1. I think even Gillian had help making this card, ha ha! Very nice indeed! Wasi thinks that we have totally flipped! I think, like Raffay, he is jealous that no one writes to him! Have a really great Easter with all your lovely puppies and do buy an Easter egg for Lonely and her little tormentor! xxx Karin