Thursday 26 April 2012


Introducing Tagan

Here is the new addition to the Sasha Familie. A Kiltie, named 'Tagan'.
I had trouble deciding what clothes she should wear. Tried a couple of dresses, but I think this outfit by Petrana suits her. She is probably going to be a jeans and sweater girl. Time will tell.

Her hair was a bit squashed, as it was in a hairnet and the head was protected by bubble wrap when she came. I decided to wash it and put it in curlers. Well, I ended up with an amazing 'bob'. Not a good style on her! I made it wet again and tried to calm the whole thing down by putting the hair into 4 plaits. The above is the result.

This type of hair obviously needs a different approach to the nylon hair of the other dolls. Some advice would be appreciated.

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Cool Dudes!

Street cred...

The boys finally looking like boys, thanks to Lorraine and Stela, of course! Or should I  be thanking Henry? Anyway here are Raffay and Teddy in the new Cargo Pants and that lovely Aotearoa inspired shirt, made by Lorraine. I love that pattern. Teddy's sweet little shirt was made by Alexissofie.

Romy has decided to get into the picture. The outfit he is wearing was termed 'Going Fishing' and was made by the talented Stela.
More cool boys clothes, please!!!

Monday 23 April 2012

Garden Photo Shoot

Spring Sunshine

Finally a chance to get out into the garden to take a few pictures in natural light, bearing in mind the advice so kindly given by other Sasha photographers! I love the light and shade in these pictures. They make the dolls look like 'real' little people!

Continuing with the theme 'Clothes for Boys' I am showing them in their Alexissofie Farmpants. Molly decided to be in the photo as well, wearing her Alexissofie Pinafore and Blouse.

Romy doesn't wear Farmpants. Too babyish (he hasn't read the Guardian fashion page, where it is stated that Farmpants are 'in' again for Grown Ups!!!) He is wearing an outfit made by Stela - it came with a fishing rod, but alas there is no Trout Stream in my garden! Wotan seems to be enjoying the sun as well.


Molly on her Scooter!

Farmpants in Primary Colours - Raffay in blue and Teddy in red

Tomboy Iona in a Dollydoodles outfit - Hair rather untidy - just like the real thing!

Raffay and Iona - brother and sister

Saturday 21 April 2012


Shirts and Pants


The boys' wardrobe really is rather limited. I will have to make amends. But here are 3 very fine shirts - if a little square - and some shorts! They are beautifully made. I think my taste in boys clothes is slowly evolving! Just need a bit more pizazz! I think a shirt or two from Lorraine's New Zealand inspired range might do the trick!

Shirts by from he left: Alexissofie, Stela
Shorts by Michelle, Stela and Petrana

The picture is a little sharper than the earlier one. I moved closer to the object and had less trimming to do.  Maybe that helped. The light was worse than yesterday. Will continue to work on this.

Friday 20 April 2012


Boys and their Clothes!

It has been a bit quiet on the Sashamania front lately! Well, there isn't that much to say, really, but I feel that I have been neglecting the boys a bit, so I have decided to post some photos of them wearing their different outfits, such as they are! I should like to have a record of those as well. 

What I need are some hints on how to photograph Sasha Dolls. The pictures I take of them always seem a bit grainy - not sharp enough. I have even changed my camera, because I thought that might make a difference. I know it has something to do with natural light, but I would welcome some advice from those who take perfect Sasha pictures!

Teddy is wearing farmpants and shirt by Alexissofie. Romy is in a Dollydoodles outfit (he wants a gilet and some joggers, but I haven't ordered them yet!) and Raffay is sporting a cool ensemble by Petrana. They are waiting for the rain to stop, so they can go outside to play - at last!