Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Monday, 17 December 2012

Discussing the tree...

I think it looks quite pretty, although the candles are a bit wonky! Must make sure they are straight, before we light them on Christmas Eve! - Do you think the Firebrigade is on duty on Christmas Eve? - Never mind, we'll get our bucket of water ready, as per usual!
Not the sort of tree I am interested in!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Old, Old Story...

Retold in a few pictures

Grandma (limited sewing skills) was asked to make a shepherd’s outfit for Grandson Raffay for the nativity play at his school. It got a bit too big and he’ll probably still be able to wear it when he is 20, but by way of proof that it was good enough, Raffay’s Mum kindly sent pictures. Iona was bribed with a lolly to pose as an angel (how sweet!) with her brother, the shepherd.

 The Angel leads the Shepherd
“Look at yonder star”, said the Shepherd to the Angel
There was no room at the Inn
“We have found him!”
All done...
...thank goodness!


Monday, 3 December 2012

A SASHA WELCOME... Gillian’s House!
As we entered the house, we were greeted by a delightful bunch of Gillian's kids - all on their best behaviour. It set the scene for what was to follow: a really nice, relaxed day devoted to Sashas and friendship. Alas, I am no Kendal, so it is all downhill from hereon in, as far as the photography goes, folks! Apologies in advance. 
Miami Beach? You wish! It’s freezing here! Thank goodness, we have our Dollydoodles outfits to keep us snug!
Judith had brought some of her Toddlers along, which surprised us all, as we did not know she had any! They were irresistibly cute and had us all drooling!
These gorgeous girls belong to Dee. The twins looked so sweet in their nearly matching outfits. Just love them. I also love that outfit worn by that beautiful redhead! Very smart!

Here is the whole group (picture by Gillian). Judith’s babies and Toddlers  with their gorgeous  Maileg pram. A group of Dee’s wonderful girls including the twins and Gillian’s great redheads.

These two Götz Sailor Girls are enchanting! Another pair of twins, of course, and these belong to Gillian.  So beautiful!
What have we here? Harvey's peeping in!  Gillian’s beautiful cat - a real character. He stayed outside as he is not keen on visitors, but after having had a good look at us all, he decided that it was safe enough to join us! He came in, and greeted us individually, and then left us again. Harvey, it was nice meeting you!

School’s Out!!! Here is the ubiquitous School Photograph! In the top row are some real characters, all belonging to Gillian. From left to right we have: Rory, Amelia, Nell, Harry and Phoenix. They are all in Ruthsdolls uniforms, except for Harry. His uniform was made by Linda Nash, aka Woodman.

The four blonde girls standing in the front row belong to me: Imogen is in the Tiffin Girls School Uniform made by Ruth to precise specifications, then Natasha  in the basketball track suit (thank you, Judith!).  Rebecca is wearing the Tiffin regulation tracksuit made by Ruth and at the end, Iona is in the sports shirt, also made by Ruth and the hockey skirt was made by Lorraine. India and Blossom, Gillian's gorgeous girls,  are in Frilly Lilly school uniforms. The little school girl, seated, belongs to my friend (No-I-am-not-a-Sasha-Person) Wendy. April, that's her name,  suddenly lost her stringing and is going for repairs a.s.a.p. We all think she needs a brother to keep her company!

The Sasha Coven: Judith, Dee, Wendy, Theresa, Gillian (the face of the photographer will  thankfully remain a mystery. Yeah!!!)

It was a really lovely occasion. A nice lunch was prepared and eaten,  useful information was exchanged, Sashas were admired, friends were made - it doesn't get any better than that! Thank you Gillian! We must do it again, soon!