Monday, 28 January 2013



I had a letter from the Toothfairy!

I am having some dental work done, and this arrived in the post! I venture the toothfairy's name is IONA, aged 4!

It may not be needed, but the letter says:
To Karin. I have lots of teeth in my sack. Thank you for your teeth! You've been so brave.
Love from the tooth fairy
I love you . 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Goodbye to Christmas 2012

Just a few more Christmas images – mainly for the grandchildren, who also look at this blog.
The kids dressing the small Christmas tree for the Hall.
The background here is the painting (Acrylics) my sister-in-law gave me as a Christmas present. It is waiting to be hung.
It is Christmas Eve and Romy is ready to hand out the presents from under the tree. The custom in Austria is to celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas Eve with the giving of gifts while the candles burn on the tree followed by a Midnight Mass. Absolute magic, if the snow is lying deep and crisp and even!
Sebastian knows that he will soon be able to open his present, too. He has been sniffing the parcels ever since they were put under the tree, but he knows to be patient, like the rest of us.

Twelfth Night – the Festival of the Three Kings!   For the kids it is time to say good bye to Christmas. The babies are flying with the Snow Bear to the North Pole to take presents to Father Christmas for being so kind to all the children round the World. I just hope they don’t fall off! Better hold on tight!


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Whose bike???

Toby-James's new bike???

Toby-James is showing off what he considers to be his Christmas present. He had seen it at the Fitzwilliam Museum shop and he really liked it. 'Living in Cambridge, you have to have a bike', he said, 'and this one is just like a real student bike!' 'Fine', says Hanna, 'but just because you have the bike, doesn't mean that you are a student! So let us have a turn as well!'  'All in good time!' Toby replies.
Baby Peter takes a turn riding pillion! The girls are a little concerned that he might fall off! 'Hold on tight, Peter!'
'Come on', says Lukas, 'let the others have a go now. I am sure we are meant to share this thing!' 'Oh, all right then! But be careful that you don't fall off it', Toby-James says as he dismounts!' 'Come to think of it', says Hanna, 'aren't you suppose to wear a helmet?' 'Well, I am not wearing yours'. It's PINK!'

Friday, 4 January 2013


(Or if you prefer a ‘Homage’ to Dee Owen.
Frankly, I don’t know how she does it!!!)
The Kids are messing around the Christmas tree when suddenly...

‘Look, Tagan! There is an unopened present under the tree!’ Aliyah says excitedly. The girls pull the box out from under the tree to have a closer look.

‘You are right, Aliyah. It looks like a Christmas Present. Let’s open it’ says Tagan. ‘Do you think we should?’ asks Aliyah. ‘It may not be for us!’


‘Oh, I don’t care!’ says Iona impatiently. ‘Come on, Tagan! Take the ribbon off!’

After just a tad of hesitation, Tagan pulls off the ribbon and removes the lid.

‘Wow! Look at that!’ The girls are intrigued. ‘What is it?’ 'It looks like an outfit of some kind.' Says Tagan. 'Lets take it out of the box'.

‘Look at these socks! They are beautiful!’ exclaims Tagan. ‘There are some dancing shoes, too! And a jerkin!’
‘Wow! It’s that lovely Scottish Dancing outfit from Ruthsdolls!’ Cries Iona. ‘I have always wanted one of those!’

‘Too bad, Iona!’ says Tagan. ‘I think this can only be for me! I have Celtic blood, you know!’
‘Besides, it suits my colouring!’ says Tagan. Iona and Aliyah cannot believe their ears! 'You cannot be serious' says Iona in her best John McEnroe voice.

  ‘Well, even if you have a point’ says Aliyah, ever the reasonable one, 'you could have discussed it with us first. This is hardly in keeping with the Christmas spirit!’ 'Go on' says Iona, 'try it on and see whether you really like it!'

Tagan puts on the outfit and does a little twirl. ‘Very nice, Tagan. You look very Scottish in it’, admits Aliyah. Suddenly, Iona has an idea: ‘I know, I know, I know!’ she shouts. ‘Let’s go on Ruthsdolls website and choose an outfit for ourselves!’ Aliyah and Iona dash upstairs to open the computer.
‘Oh, yes,’ says Aliyah. ‘That’s the one for me! I love that Sailor girl outfit!’ ‘It would be perfect for you’, Iona admits. ‘I particularly like that cap! Now let’s see what else there is.’ The girls flick through the pages of Ruth's website.
‘Yesssssssss’, shouts Iona, ‘this is it!’ I love that Pinafore over that dress! Perfect! And look at those darling shoes! Done!’
 ‘Now all we have to do is find someone who has a bit of cash!’ Says Aliyah. ‘Can’t be that difficult, surely!’