Sunday, 31 March 2013

Eggstremely Naughty Babies!

The Easter Bunny left a bucket full of Easter Eggs for the babies. They seem a bit unsure as to what to do with them!
Looks like it didn’t take them long to find out!

Friday, 29 March 2013

You've got mail!


Iona was just reading a story to keep baby Yasmin and Tabatha quiet. ‘And Little Red Ridinghood said "what big teeth you have, Grandma"’, she read, when Raffay excitedly burst into the room.

‘Iona, the postman has just left a letter for you! Who on earth would want to write to you? Come on, OPEN IT!!!’
'It doesn't look like a letter. I think it is a card'
‘Wow! What a beautiful card. Look!!! It’s me and Saskia! It’s an Easter Card from my friend Saskia!’
‘Let’s see!’ Hanna and Raffay crowd round Iona to have a better look. 'That's a great photo', Hanna agrees.


‘Let me read what it says’. Raffay reads: ‘Happy Easter Iona , love from Saskia.’ ‘Hm. This Saskia is obviously flavour of the month!’
'You are just jealous, Raffay, because no one writes to you!' says Iona. 'You probably don't have any friends who can write!'

The girls put the card onto the book shelf. ‘It looks great there, Iona’, Hanna says. ‘How nice of Saskia to send you a card!’

‘I think she is my best friend,' says  Iona. We’ll go and have lunch together again very soon!’

Raffay mutters: ‘LUNCH! I don't understand girls,’ and jumps on his bike.
‘Get off that bike this instance,’ says Hanna sternly. ‘You know that you are not allowed to ride it in the house!’
And off he goes...









Tuesday, 26 March 2013


'What are you up to‘Iona?' asks Raffay
'I’m writing a card for my friend Saskia’. An Easter card.’
'Who is Saskia?' Raffay is curious.
‘You know’, she is my friend from Broxbourne. We went to lunch to Bury Lane the other day. She is great. You would love her.’

 ‘I doubt it’, says Raffay. ‘I am not that keen on girls. Anyway, show me what you have written.’
 'It’s quite good,’ says Raffay, ‘but you still get your letters the wrong way round.’ ‘I don’t!’ Iona is indignant. ‘Show me. I don’t believe you. You always think you know everything!’


‘Hmm,’ says Iona when confronted with the evidence. ‘Anyway, I am only 4 and a bit. I bet you couldn’t even write when you were my age.’

I could too!’ Now it’s Raffay’s turn to be indignant. ‘ I could read and write when I was three!’
‘No you couldn’t’, says Iona firmly. ‘End of discussion. Go away, I am busy wrapping up this present. I am sending it to Saskia.'

‘Are you going to give me an Easter present too?’ asks Raffay.
‘Of course not, silly’, says Iona. ‘You are not my friend. You are my brother! You only have to give your brother a present when it is his birthday!’

 Raffay is astonished.
‘I will never understand my little sister,’ he thinks. 'I better go, before she asks me to help wrap the present. She is making a right mess of it!' 

‘There we are, all done. I hope Saskia likes Easter Eggs.’



Monday, 25 March 2013


I am a little perplexed why two photographs, taken in the same light on the same day should differ from one another. I have no answers to this – I can only assume that my camera is fickle. Here are a few pictures, with simple captions, by way of illustration.
Benjamin is wearing his very nice new shirt made by Lel (Beadsandbags). I was trying to get the colour of the shirt right

This is probably the truer shade

Lissi wearing her new dress from Stela and one of ‘Hattie’s’ hats.

Lara is wondering whether the straw hat will go with her outfit

A pretty dress by Stela – ready for Spring???

Easter preparations

Baby Tabatha has discovered a bucket of chocolate eggs! Not yet, Tabatha!!!
This is what it looks like from the balcony at present. I love the white stuff – but not this late in the year!!!


Thursday, 21 March 2013



Three very special dresses 

Gillian keeps saying that she has too many clothes for her Sashas and I reply, ‘same here’, but it never seems to stop me from wanting more! (Doesn’t stop Gillian either!). I think I am as much in love with the clothes, as I am with the Sashas. Here is what I recently succumbed to. 


Three lovely dresses, three amazing seamstresses, three happy girls!

Lara is showing off her bloomers!


Sophie is wearing a classic Ruthsdolls outfit. Beautiful match of fabric and colours. Beautifully made.
I love this Sasha style. So pretty and perfect for a little girl.
Tagan is wearing a dress by Jadzia. Sumptuous colours
and beautiful fabric.

This dress is also tied with a sash at the back. It is beautifully made.

But the outfit that takes my breath away is made by Petrana. It is extravagant in its conception and execution. The pictures I took do not do it justice. The dress is over-exposed and the detail seems lost.


It comes with a petticoat and bloomers, a scarf to tie round the hair and some diaphanous ribbons to tie round the waist. I suppose I am enchanted with it, because it is a little ‘folksy’ when taken as a whole. But when simply worn as a dress, it has a different feel altogether.

Here it is without the ribbons and petticoat, and with just the bloomers.
But it is the detailed work on this dress which is so impressive. A lot of skill has gone into it and it is exquisitely sewn. Just beautiful.


I am delighted with all three outfits. We are so lucky that there are such wonderfully skilled people sewing for our Sashas. I consider these to be works of art in their own right. No wonder we are all hooked and can't get enough of these enchanting clothes.


Thursday, 14 March 2013


Cosy and warm in wool, by Fairylane - just right for this weather

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Sophie, Trendon Redhead Dungarees Girl 1970 and Aliyah, Trendon 1969 are showing off their Farmpants from ‘A Passion for Sasha’. These outfits are just a tad big for the very dainty earlier Trendons, but let’s say they have been handed down from their bigger sisters (a little white lie!) Actually they have only just arrived and the girls love them.
They both have super-soft hair. I love the bob on Aliyah. It is so well cut. And Sophie’s plaits speak for themselves.
Two sweet little Trendon girls. Two Sashas to fall in love with, aaaaaaah
And now for something completely different...
And here we have the new Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge. Wasi works there and they have just completed the move (from about ½ mile away). It was quite an undertaking. Stunning building. The chimneys at the top, when seen from above, depict a Chromosome.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


There’s been a lot of talk about teeth and dentistry in this house lately, some of it rather hair-raising, and quite frankly, unbelievable, so Iona decides to see for herself what all the fuss is about.
Iona is checking in with Angie, at the reception. Such a friendly face. So far so good.
It’s a different matter sitting in the chair though. Iona is looking a little pale, I think. But you couldn’t meet a nicer Dentist than Ms Devos and her Nurse, Emily. You are in good hands, Iona. Just sit back and relax!!! Ouch!

I just thought I'd let you know with whom I have been spending my time lately! xxx Karin