Wednesday, 8 July 2020


This is a feel-good story. A Sasha friend, let’s call her Truda,( which is indeed her name), decided that she would do something wonderful to cheer us all up. For those, who will read this story in the future, this is the year 2020 – the year that COVID-19 decided to make our lives a misery, the year of the LOCKDOWN and SOCIAL DISTANCING! So, Truda decided to make a number of sets of beautiful clothes for our beloved Sasha Dolls and to make distribution fair, she thought it would be great fun to hold a lottery! We could all nominate either ourselves, or nominate a friend. One of my best loved Sasha friends, Vicky, nominated me and my name went into the hat. To my utter delight and surprise, I was one of the names chosen. The following is a kind of recreation of the process as seen by a few of my Sasha dolls. Yes, they are as human, as you or I, so suspend disbelief.  

The excitement is mounting in the Sasha room. Truda’s parcel has arrived and three of the girls are very keen to have that outfit. In order to make it fair, they have put their names in a bucket and have asked Harry to draw a name. I have a feeling that Harry should not have agreed to do this, judging by the way the girls are looking at him. Poor Harry!

It took no time at all to pull out a name and to find out that it was Kalaya, Kally for short, who was the winner. ‘This is just not fair’, said Amelie. ‘No, it isn’t’, said Phoebe.  It is clearly all Harry’s fault, they both agreed. But Kally was delighted and threw her arms up in the air. ‘Yesssssss! I have won! Wow, I never win anything’. Harry was beginning to realize that even if you are only the messenger, some people will put the blame on you.

Kally gave Harry a very big thank you hug. ‘Good grief’, said Harry. He was pinned against the bookshelf and couldn’t get away. ‘It’s nothing really to do with me, Kally. Stop it!  Amelie and Phoebe looked at one another and thought that Harry had probably been punished enough.

Kally sat down and opened the parcel. Inside was a really beautiful dress with matching pantaloons and a hairband. ‘Oh, this is so lovely’, said Kally. ‘I love the colour. This is such a lovely present. So kind of Auntie Truda! Let me go and try it on’. The kids had to agree, that it was a beautiful outfit. ‘I am sure we can borrow it some day,’ said Amelie. ‘Yes,’ said Phoebe. ‘She can’t be wearing it all the time!’

Kalaya in Truda Taylor’s COVID-19 ‘Let’s cheer you all up’ present