Monday 13 October 2014


What are you up to Peter? 

Oh! You want me to read you a story?


This is April. She is a Goetz (Victoria). My first Goetz baby. Quite sweet, really. She is wearing 'A Passion for Sasha' .

She has made friends with baby Yasmin, who has recently been to Brenda Walton to enjoy the  'Spa' experience.  

In the good old tradition of make overs - here she is before...

...and here is the 'new' Yasmin: Cleaned up, hair tamed, lips painted and stringing changed. Thank you, Brenda! Yasmin's little outfit is made by Alexissofie! 


This lovely dress and hat was made by Sacksac, who I believe is Rosie Laird. Love the colours and they really suit this honey-blonde Trendon baby.


Aysha is keeping the babies amused with a game of Simple Simon says... But there is always one, isn't there, Harry!!!


This enchanting little baby is the latest addition to the Sashamania clan. She is an early black baby, but probably not from the first production. 

To complete this baby blog, here is a group photograph of the present lot of babies. Zoe is making sure they are behaving themselves and sitting still for the camera. Great job, Zoe!!!

Sunday 12 October 2014


Just when Benjamin started to feel the cold, a really great jacket arrived through the post. He put it on instantly and it felt really good and warm. Now he was ready for anything.  It is beautifully knitted with very nice yarn by Diane Duke. Perfect. Come on, Wotan. Let's have some fun!

Saturday 11 October 2014


Having quite a few children come to our house to play with my Sashas, I am always interested to find out what they choose from the clothes boxes to put on them. It is always unexpected and often very refreshing! What we think is the height of Sasha chic, very rarely appeals to them. In fact, I have noticed a trend: little girls prefer long dresses on the Sashas.

Recently my friend Caroline came with her two gorgeous girls, Katie and Emily and after a polite conversation, a drink and a biscuit they made their way to the Sasha room. They always ask which Sashas they are allowed to play with and then I leave them to it.

Here are some pictures of their visit.

They chose Rebecca and Imogen, two later Trendons, to play with and they dressed them as twins. They were able to do this, because I bought the same dress twice - accidentally!!! 

Later in the month my grandchildren came to stay. Iona shares the Sasha room (or is it the other way round?) and she is in her element! She really does enjoy playing with them and she makes good use of all the Sasha paraphernalia I have accumulated.

The pictures speak for themselves, but I overheard Iona say to one of the Sashas who was wearing an exquisite Ruthsdolls outfit: 'Come on, darling, let's get you out of this boring dress'.

 Iona arranged a Fancy Dress competition which her Mum had to judge. We both had to enter a Sasha and a baby and if Iona won, she was allowed to choose an outfit. If I won, Iona would draw me a picture. I lost (but I have a strong suspicion that the result was rigged)!

This is Iona (the Sasha) in Iona's (the girl's) favourite dress. This dress was made by my wonderful friend Susan (Grandma of Katie and Emily) for Yasmin's Sasha way back in 1975. I think it is a Laura Ashley print). The bonnet actually belongs to a baby, but Iona really loves it and has taken it home with her for her own Sasha to wear. 

Friday 10 October 2014


I haven’t put anything on my blog for a while. In fact, ever since I joined that wonderful Sasha Morgenthaler Facebook group.  This group has kept me pretty busy, just catching up with like-minded people and their amazing Sasha girls, boys, babies and toddlers. But I do like to post to my blog, because it gives me a record of the photographs I take of my Sasha family. On Facebook, everything disappears very quickly, as we all know.

I have always loved ‘The Sweater Dress’ – on children as well as on Sashas. I have quite a nice collection and have decided to take some photos for my blog. 

These are sweater dresses made by SackSack (Rosie Laird),  modelled by Lara, in the blue and Yasmin in the maroon.

Next we have a few sweater dresses made my Gillian Nash. I love these short little dresses. They are worn here by Marika in the grey and Molly in the blue.

These are my particular favourites from the Gillian Nash collection of Knitwear.
Sophie is wearing the green bobble sweater dress and Zoe the cream. 

The first sweater dress I ever bought was made by Diane Duke. I bought it on ebay and promptly forgot who made it. When I joined the Sasha Morgenthaler FB group I posted it and asked whether anyone knew who made it. Diane told me that it was one of hers. She then told me that she still had a similar yarn and would I like another one. A no-brainer really. So here are two of my girls, Aania (redhead) Natasha (blonde) wearing the Diane Duke sweater dresses.