Saturday 17 August 2013


Hi! I am Raffay and I think Sashas are cool! I think it is great how they can do all kinds of things and how they look just like real kids. Here I am with ‘Raffay’, the Sasha boy. I think he looks a lot like me. He also likes riding his bike, which is cool!

I wonder whether he can do some tricks on the bike

Yeah!!! Mum had to hold the bike, but he is standing on there by himself! Brilliant!

The Accident!
A short but exciting story
entirely staged and photographed by Raffay (7) and Iona (5)
Wardrobe by Iona
 Raffay is riding very fast around the garden, while the other kids are playing a game. As usual he doesn’t look where he is going, so he doesn’t see Hanna who has decided to go and get a drink

‘Watch where you are going’, cries Hanna! 'You are making me spill my drink!'
Raffay takes no notice and the worst happens. He crashes into Hanna and she is down on the ground
Hanna has hurt her knee and is crying. The other kids and Max come running to have a look and to see how they can help.
The kids go off to find some plasters. Tagan has come to lend a hand. ‘I think you should get off your bike and help Hanna get up’, Tagan says to Raffay. ‘And I think you should say sorry and promise not to be so reckless in the future’.
‘Sorry, Hanna’, says Raffay. ‘It was just an accident. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt’.
The End