Saturday 20 July 2013


To all my Sasha friends out there!

This is a link to Yasmin's (daughter - not Sasha) recording of one of her songs. She finally agreed to have one of them on YouTube!

I hope you will have a wonderful Summer (which seems to have finally arrived here in Britain).

I am taking a break from Sasha for a while – going ‘Cold Turkey’, as it were. I don’t seem to be able to get anything done as long as I am thinking about the needs of my Sasha family. So, being a totally weak character, I don't even allow myself to look at those lovely Sasha blogs out there, which I miss dreadfully I might add, as these have the effect of leading me astray. No looking on Ruthsdolls site either, nor on Shelley’s site and not even on Ebay until the Autumn.  I expect to be given a handsome reward for my sacrifice in the form of a blank cheque from my husband to indulge myself at Dee’s Sasha Do in October. See you then, and have lots of fun in this fine, warm weather in the meantime.  Karin