Sunday 23 November 2014


The kids are playing with their favourite toy- Lego bricks!

Harry is experimenting. As long as he doesn't swallow one of the pieces we are ok. 

Thursday 20 November 2014


The boys posed for a group photograph. The occasion: Peter's new sweater from Gillian. As you can see from his demeanour, he is not happy with it. "This sweater makes me look like a girl", were his comments. Hmm. Maybe I agree with him!

From the left: Romy, Teddy, Peter, Toby James, Benjamin, Raffay and Lucas. Lucas is a Goetz boy, Michael
and Benjamin is a 1970 Trendon. All the others are later Trendon boys. 

Then came Sebastian. A 1969/70 Trendon boy. In the meantime Peter changed his sweater. Much happier with this one for some reason, although it is just as colourful as the other one. Also Gillian Nash. Sebastian is wearing 'A Passion for Sasha' shirt and shorts and a Dollydoodles jacket.

Sebastian is getting to know his garden

Wednesday 19 November 2014


Sophie had wanted a pram for a long time. A REAL pram - not one made out of wood (although she very much loves the blue pram made for her by Ken and Doreen Illington). But these little metal prams are like gold dust - with prices to match! Then my friend Dee had one for sale and I snapped it up (you have to be fast - they don't hang around long). It is a 'RED', in fairly good condition, just lacking the cover. It is very cute and Sophie loves it. 

The Sasha Room
Tabatha is engrossed in the 'Ugly Duckling' story. Sophie is wearing a Gillian Nash Sweater dress,  Tights by Michelle, Ugg boots from 'All About Dolls'. Tabatha loves her Diane Duke dress and bonnet. 

Sophie is a 1970s Dungarees Girl

Tuesday 18 November 2014


When Mr Salmond decided to hold his referendum on whether the Scottish People wanted to go it alone (what a crazy idea) I thought the Sashas should make their opinion felt. 

Phoebe and Baby Tabatha out flying the flag for a United Kingdom

Phoebe in a coat made by Gillian Nash and Aliyah in a Scottish Outfit, made by Ruth Hartley

Monday 17 November 2014


I love the traditional clothes worn in Austria (it's in my blood!). The first outfit
I bought from Ruth Hartley was the red Dirndl (she calls it 'Bavarian Costume' on her Ruthsdolls Website). Lissi loves it and often wears it. 

Recently she made me this beautiful Dirndl worn here by Tagan. It is exquisite.

Molly is wearing one made by Stela. It is simpler than the other two, and very much what a little girl might actually wear scampering in the mountains!

Here is Tagan, admiring herself in the mirror! Yes, you are all very beautiful and vain little Sashas, it has to be said! 

Then I had a message from Diane Duke to say that she has a spare Dirndl Dress for a baby. Am I interested. She bought it in Austria and it is one made for a Kaethe Kruse doll. Well, of course I said yes, but when it came it looked big enough for a Sasha, I tried it on Molly to have a look. It is just gorgeous and looks perfect on her. The poor babies missed out, but they got some other goodies from Auntie Diane - so no harm done! 

This picture was taken after Dee's Chat n Snap, which was a great event. I came back laden and my kids must have thought it was Christmas!!! The babies are in their Diane Duke onesies, except for baby Yasmin who is wearing one of her lovely dresses. In the background there is my new Slate-eyed Goetz girl in her new Ruthsdolls dress  then Zoe in a Gillian Nash sweater dress, and Tabatha in her Vintage Sasha outfit.