Thursday 30 May 2013


You have probably seen it all before, but on a rainy day what else can one do but photograph ones Sashas yet again and put them on the blog!
Vintage Sasha.
I don’t have many outfits from this very sought-after designer, as I am always too late, but here is one I bagged some time ago. Aliyah is modelling it here. A very 'Sasha' kind of outfit.


I am very fond of Petrana's Sasha clothes. Hanna is wearing a simple, classic dress, beautifully made. Lovely colour - Alt Rosa, in German -  and a lovely linen feel to the material. Very pretty.


I have collected quite a few of Jadzia’s creations. They are very distinctive and beautifully made. I like the fact that they close with buttons rather than poppers. This one is a sweet little dress. The collar is made from a self-patterned white satiny cotton. Natasha is the model here.



I love this dress. Lime green with quite large daisies. It is very fresh and suits this redhead very well. Lovely material. Again, the collar is made of white, self patterned cotton. Very pretty.

To be continued!

Friday 24 May 2013


Yes, another year has passed and I have spent a really nice day celebrating. Amongst my presents are a couple or three which are Sasha related, and I should like to share those with my blog. 
First up, part of a poem with reference to my Sasha dolls:
(a wonderful, wonderful poem by my daughter, Yasmin, recounting my entire life in verse!)
 But when the grandkids aren’t at hand
She thinks her Sasha dolls are grand
Decked in their bespoke couture
Primped and washed and well-coiffured
They each bear a family name
And put their counterparts to shame
‘Cause all of THEIR clothes are designer
And all of OURS are made in China!
Wasi doesn’t seem to mind
We suspect he’s just resigned!
(I detect just a tiny hint of criticism here regarding the amount of money being spent on Sasha clothes!!!)
Iona is wearing a very pretty dress made by Petrana. A present from my friend Elizabeth, who often visits me to see what's new in my Sasha world. I love the dress!



Here Iona is showing off her JJ shoes, a present from Gillian! They are wonderful! I had no idea how well made they are and how well they fit. Such a surprise and a real delight. Iona thinks so too!

Poppy is wearing a sweet little dress  also made by Petrana. A present from my friend Jan. I think it really suits her. It’s beautifully made like all of Petrana’s clothes. I think I have something similar already in my clothes collection!!! 

I didn’t realize that the slate-eyed Götz girls are quite a bit taller than the Trendons from the early 70s.

My husband bought me this Ruthsdolls outfit, which I love. I am ashamed to say that I opened it as soon as it came and started to take photos with it. I parcelled it up again, so that he could wrap it up for me. Luckily, he does not follow my blog!!!



Wednesday 22 May 2013


Introducing my Götz slate-eyed blonde girl, Poppy, mid-sixties Sasha, according to Shelly. She caught my attention as I browsed, aimlessly I thought, through Shelly’s online catalogue. I am still very ambivalent about the Götz Sashas. I can see that there is great variety in their eye design and facial expression, but I am still not quite in love with them, if you see what I mean! I do, however, really like Poppy. She has a very sweet and quirky expression, which I like. Here she is wearing the Ruthsdolls outfit I bought for her, thinking it might suit her.

It is a lovely outfit, but I thought the colour was wrong for Poppy. So I tried a rather lovely VS number next. Hm – Not sure about that one either.

I thought I needed something a little brighter. I found a nice little dress made by Stela some time ago. See what you think!
I asked Gillian’s opinion and she liked this dress on Poppy. I think this Sasha needs bright colours.
I wasn't going to give up on Ruthsdolls outfits just yet! Sophie was wearing a green outfit made by Ruth. I thought it would go well with her red hair, but was never quite sure. So I swapped the dresses and I think I like the result.
I instantly liked her in this dress. It always surprises me how certain clothes fit certain Sashas. You would think that it didn’t matter a jot what they wear, but it does!  It just shows, that they really are ‘individuals’.

Poppy and Sophie - firm friends already!

Sophie wearing Poppy’s dress. Very pretty, Sophie, but you should have changed the shoes as well! These don’t really go with this outfit! What did you say??? They feel comfortable and that’s all you care about? How old are you?! Oh, I keep forgetting about that! (LOL)

Tuesday 21 May 2013


My most favourite Sasha is probably Iona, although I am quite aware that one should not have favourites when it comes to one’s ‘children’. To avoid getting told off by the likes of Dee for being a bad Sasha mom, I just want it noted that I treat all my Sasha children the same and I have as yet not had the heart to sell any of them off, which seems to happen from time to time, as we all know.

Iona needed re-stringing badly, as did Iona’s Sasha, also called ‘Iona’. (Keep up) I sent them to Brenda Walton, who, as most of you know used to work at the Frido/Trendon factory from the beginning of their Sasha production right to the end. She is, of course, an expert on all things Sasha.

My Iona had been re-strung previously, but very badly. Also, her lips had been inexpertly over-painted with acrylic paints. Brenda re-did the stringing with Sasha factory elastic and also re-painted the lips with the original oil paints. She also replaced a hook in one of the arms and reshaped the top of the arms because they were not rotating properly. Iona came back perfectly restored and more beautiful than ever.

Brenda worked more magic on Iona’s Sasha. The stringing was so tight, that it had distorted her torso. She fitted a new neck insert and reshaped her torso, and the tops of the arms.   She treated her fringe so that it now lies flat again. She now looks very pretty! She stands quite freely, can move her head and she can of course sit down. Iona will be delighted and pleased to have her Sasha back in such perfect condition and able to do all the things she hasn’t been able to do for a while. Brenda sent some pictures:

Iona’s Sasha came to Brenda without a stitch on and was sent back wearing this pretty original Sasha outfit. What a very kind thing to do! Thank you, Brenda!!!

Saturday 11 May 2013

Visiting the Grandchildren

We spent a week with the grandchildren recently and I thought I could add a few pictures of Iona and Raffay to the blog to make a change - with the odd Sasha moment thrown in, of course.

This is Iona, with her Sasha, also called Iona
Apart from playing with Sashas, she loves to paint. Didn't even have time to change out of her school uniform!
Artwork is piling up
The artist concentrating on her work
Hanna is trying out the piano. Great instrument!
Iona is very fond of Hanna and Grandma felt very mean when she had to say ‘No’ when Iona asked whether she could keep her! Offers of other Sashas were made, but rejected by Iona.
Iona with Iona, Raffay (her boy) and Hanna
I wonder what Raffay is up to. That smile is far too angelic.

Iona showing off her new shoes. AHA! Raffay thought it clever (!?) to put a Hattie’s hat on the Sashaboy (not to mention a Lego helicopter).

Iona's Mona Lisa moment

You cannot have enough company when lounging around in bed

Iona appreciated the help she got from the Sashas in solving this puzzle.

Tea is served 
It was a great week. Even the weather played its part. Sunshine all the way.