Saturday, 11 May 2013

Visiting the Grandchildren

We spent a week with the grandchildren recently and I thought I could add a few pictures of Iona and Raffay to the blog to make a change - with the odd Sasha moment thrown in, of course.

This is Iona, with her Sasha, also called Iona
Apart from playing with Sashas, she loves to paint. Didn't even have time to change out of her school uniform!
Artwork is piling up
The artist concentrating on her work
Hanna is trying out the piano. Great instrument!
Iona is very fond of Hanna and Grandma felt very mean when she had to say ‘No’ when Iona asked whether she could keep her! Offers of other Sashas were made, but rejected by Iona.
Iona with Iona, Raffay (her boy) and Hanna
I wonder what Raffay is up to. That smile is far too angelic.

Iona showing off her new shoes. AHA! Raffay thought it clever (!?) to put a Hattie’s hat on the Sashaboy (not to mention a Lego helicopter).

Iona's Mona Lisa moment

You cannot have enough company when lounging around in bed

Iona appreciated the help she got from the Sashas in solving this puzzle.

Tea is served 
It was a great week. Even the weather played its part. Sunshine all the way.




Serenata said...

Such lovely photos, and so very special seeing your grand daughter enjoying and playing with the Sasha family.

SimplySasha said...

What super grand children you have! Plus the fact that they love Sasha too - they have very good taste :)

Sharon said...

Awww Karin these are lovely photos, isn't it nice to have someone to 'play' dolls with.....I keep on at my son, telling him he and his fiancee need to hurry up and make me a grandmother so that I can hopefully play dolls with a little far nothing has happened. LOL
I think it's also great that the two lovely grandkids have dolls named after them!! And what great names too!
Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

Theodora said...
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Theodora said...

Sharon, don't despair!!! They will come eventually! I had to wait an awfully long time for my grandchildren. Kids nowadays are in no hurry, it seems! But it was a great visit and you do realize when a child plays with a Sasha, that they are actually toys, and not little gods with hugely expensive wardrobes and other paraphernalia, ha ha! Love Karin xxx