Sunday, 23 July 2017


Trying to keep track of what my babies are called is very tricky! I need to do a periodic roll-call with tags to help me remember. I don’t have this problem so much with the older Sashas. Does it matter? Well, it does to me! What sort of a Sasha mother am I if I can’t even remember what my kids are called?

Top row from the left
April, Yasmin, Naomi, Poppy, Freya, Emily, Charlotte, Rosie

Tabatha, Honey, Harry, Peter, Charlie, Max, Julia, Katie,

These are the Götz babies:
Charlotte, Poppy, Freya, Max, Katie

The latest addition is called 'Archie', another Trendon Honeyblonde. 

Here are all the baby boys: Harry, Archie, Peter, Charlie and Max, being very well behaved for their photograph to be taken. ..

... but you can’t expect babies to stay still for very long!

So now, hopefully, when I forget their names, I can check in here! 

Saturday, 22 July 2017


While everyone is busy at the Sasha Festival in Dulles VA, I thought I’d just post a few pictures of stuff that goes on in the Sasha room from time to time, just for myself, hoping that no one will notice!

The new cabinet.  

My Kiltie, April, likes  the cabinet, as does Kally, who is a Dungarees Girl. April is wearing a little dress made by the talented Marilyn Hotchkiss. I won the little blue dress in the lottery at the Sasha Celebration weekend. The proceeds of the lottery at the SCW always go to a children's charity, in this case 'Safe the Children'.  This year the lottery made an astonishing £2,852, but the most amazing thing is, that this sum has increased 10 fold, yes, 10 fold, to £25,000, due to the kind generosity and ingenuity of Brenda Myers at our Sister event, the big Sasha Festival in Dulles, Virginia, USA, which is being held at the time of this posting. Wow!!! How did she manage that! 

Here is little Max, looking a little lost. He has only just arrived and hasn’t managed to make friends yet with the other babies. 

Luckily Kally is on hand to make him feel at home. Don't I know you, says Kally?  You are a little sweetheart Max. All is going to be well!