Sunday, 23 July 2017


Trying to keep track of what my babies are called is very tricky! I need to do a periodic roll-call with tags to help me remember. I don’t have this problem so much with the older Sashas. Does it matter? Well, it does to me! What sort of a Sasha mother am I if I can’t even remember what my kids are called?

Top row from the left
April, Yasmin, Naomi, Poppy, Freya, Emily, Charlotte, Rosie

Tabatha, Honey, Harry, Peter, Charlie, Max, Julia, Katie,

These are the Götz babies:
Charlotte, Poppy, Freya, Max, Katie

The latest addition is called 'Archie', another Trendon Honeyblonde. 

Here are all the baby boys: Harry, Archie, Peter, Charlie and Max, being very well behaved for their photograph to be taken. ..

... but you can’t expect babies to stay still for very long!

So now, hopefully, when I forget their names, I can check in here! 


Dee said...

I love all the babies you have adopted Karin. They were all so well behaved but of course their attention had to wander at the end! xx

Theodora said...

Hi Dee, you are a true friend! Thanks for your comment! I am currently trying to get something organized to hang around their necks with their name on it. Any ideas?

Kendal said...

WOW! What an absolutely fabulous collection of Sasha babes. (BTW You have nearly as many as I had at one time...26...but sadly now down to 5.)
It must be so hard to remember all those names so good idea to have this photo record to refer to in the future. I seem to think that Denise made a similar record on her blog. (Luckily I didn't need to as one of my blog followers always helped me out if I forgot a name at any time.)

Theodora said...

Haha, Kendal, that did make me laugh! Your blog followers being more familiar with your babies names is a sign of sheer Sasha celebrity and also an indication of how special your babies are/were! I am going to make some necklaces, hopefully, for them, with little cubed name beads! I don't know whether it is going to work out. xxx

twizel said...

WOW< Karin what a bevvy of cute babies. There were certainly a lot of babies at the Festival this year. It must be the year of the baby. I don't know why but I do not get an email to tell me when you have posted, so apologies for the lack of comments on your blog x

Theodora said...

Hi Theresa, so sorry! I missed your comments! I don't look at blogs very often, not even my own!!! It's a good place to park the pictures. Your blogs are full of information. I don't know how you do it! I find FB so intrusive, it leaves no time for anything else, it seems. I love the babies. They are so comical in a group! Hope to see you soon. xxx