Saturday, 22 July 2017


While everyone is busy at the Sasha Festival in Dulles VA, I thought I’d just post a few pictures of stuff that goes on in the Sasha room from time to time, just for myself, hoping that no one will notice!

The new cabinet.  

My Kiltie, April, likes  the cabinet, as does Kally, who is a Dungarees Girl. April is wearing a little dress made by the talented Marilyn Hotchkiss. I won the little blue dress in the lottery at the Sasha Celebration weekend. The proceeds of the lottery at the SCW always go to a children's charity, in this case 'Safe the Children'.  This year the lottery made an astonishing £2,852, but the most amazing thing is, that this sum has increased 10 fold, yes, 10 fold, to £25,000, due to the kind generosity and ingenuity of Brenda Myers at our Sister event, the big Sasha Festival in Dulles, Virginia, USA, which is being held at the time of this posting. Wow!!! How did she manage that! 

Here is little Max, looking a little lost. He has only just arrived and hasn’t managed to make friends yet with the other babies. 

Luckily Kally is on hand to make him feel at home. Don't I know you, says Kally?  You are a little sweetheart Max. All is going to be well! 


Dee said...

A lovely post Karin. I love the new china cabinet looks lovely with your blue and white china on display.
I'm sure Max will feel right at home now Kally's taken him in hand.

What an amazing amount raised for the charity, well done to all involved :)

Theodora said...

Yes, Dee, wasn't that amazing!!! Already the sum raised at the SCW seemed quite spectacular, but to get it to that sum - absolutely brilliant. Well done all involved, as you say. xxx

Ginger said...

A beautiful post Karin. I have always admired your "room" settings and the great attention to detail. Each item is lovely, the furniture, the china, and the dolls. are so beautifully dressed. The money raised was so wonderful to hear. Brenda Myers is an amazing woman and everyone that contributed should have a happy heart. ❤️ xxx

Triciamj said...

Karin, how on earth did I not know you have a blog until now?? Great post and now I know, I'll be back xx