Friday, 12 April 2013


I love sweater dresses. My daughter Yasmin used to wear them when she was young and now her little daughter, Iona, is looking pretty in a variety of different styles of the genre. They are brilliantly comfortable, as you can wear them with just tights or leggings and they look really good. My Sashas have a fair number of sweater dresses  from Gillian Nash and a few from Freda Ainsley (Postiesbabe). Linda Holmes makes some nice ones, too, but I have yet to win a bid on one of hers. Now there is a new kid on the block, Diane Duke. She listed one recently on ebay and I couldn’t resist having a bid, despite the fact that the sweater box is overflowing.
Lara is modelling it here. See what you think.

The sleeves are knitted Raglan style, which produces a nice fit around the shoulders. The sleeves are three-quarter length. Lara is wearing the dress with pink tights from the Dollworks and shoes made by Ruthsdolls.

The dress came with a shoulder bag and a little teddy bear. Diane was worried in case the girls were going to fight over the teddy, so Lara kindly gave it to Baby Rosie to play with. Anyway, the girls are really far too old for teddies! (or are they???) Dee may have an opinion on the subject.


Monday, 8 April 2013


A prison by any other name...
(Picture story of ‘5 babies too many’ contd.)



Hmm... Methinks we may still have a problem! Any ideas?

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Five babies too many???
(A cautionary tale in pictures)



To be continued...