Saturday, 21 December 2013


To all my Sasha Friends!
A Very Happy Christmas full of Sasha Magic and a Wonderful New Year!
My Sashas and I hope that all your wishes will be fulfilled and that that longed for, special Sasha will appear under your tree! 
We are going to spend Christmas with the grand children,
so see you in the New Year! 

Friday, 15 November 2013


A Passion for Dollydoodles! 

I don’t know how it happened, but I now have 8 boys! All very cute, none of them very special, and clearly one or two of them de trops! So there weren’t enough Dollydoodles outfits to go around and the same goes for Passion for Sasha, so we mixed and matched! Also, the light in the room is still not too good, but one gets the general idea.

I had to put them in my blog. There were complaints that it's all about the girls! Now; which one of you would like to go to a new home, I wonder...

Friday, 8 November 2013


I have finally finished dressing the remaining girls in warmer outfits. They are now occupying the entire shelf looking pretty and snug and the boys are lining up on the sofa for their make-over. I keep asking myself whether this is a good use of my time! Can’t ask anyone else, as the answer which will surely come back will be a decided ‘NOOOOOOOO’!
I managed to pick up one more item from Vintage Sasha’s wonderful selection at the Chat ‘n Snap. Aliyah is a cutie and I though she ought to wear this dungarees outfit. As it is a bit summery, I have topped it with a lovely jacket from Karen Wanaka. It reminds me of an Austrian ‘Jopperl’ and I simply couldn’t resist buying it

(What on earth is baby Yasmin up to!!!)

A couple of cosy sweater dresses. The grey one is a Freda Ainsley’s creation and is worn by Lissi. Diane Duke made the other one, modelled by Natasha. I have posted these in the past, but was wondering what they would look like on another Sasha. Tights by Michelle.  

Imogen and Rebecca are wearing ‘A Passion for Sasha’ dresses. I love these Autumn colours. Ginny’s dresses fit the larger Sashas extremely well, I think.


Poppy, my Slate-eyed Götz girl is wearing a tartan dress made by Jadzia. It is beautifully made, as are all her clothes. Very Christmassy already!

Lara is wearing a dress made by Stela with a jacket made by Hagnolly for a toddler. The skirt on Aysha is also by Stela and topped by a Gillian Nash sweater. Very stylish, I think!

Finally we have Tabatha and Yasmin in Hagnolly kilts with Gillian Nash sweaters (and socks). They are sporting a couple of really great Berets made by Dee. I bought those at the Chat ‘n Snap and I think I shall have to try and buy some more! They have an excellent fit and are really well made. Very pleased with my purchase, there!


Sunday, 3 November 2013





Following Dee’s very successful ‘Do’ a few new outfits (although never enough) have appeared in the Sasha wardrobe. After a bit of an unseemly scramble here are the ‘winners’ getting ready to have their pictures taken in the new outfits. Iona always looks a bit of a scruff so Hanna and Molly are trying to tidy her up as best they can.
Hanna has chosen to wear a 'Vintage Sasha' dress. Very smart and sophisticated. I can't believe I actually managed to get hold of one! It was touch and go!!! Hanna chose to wear the blue shoes for practical purposes.
Iona has decided on a  'Passion for Sasha' dress which really suits her. Lovely soft material and a very pretty colour. Iona, you are looking really neat today. Not a hair out of place. I hardly recognise you!
Molly is wonderfully cosy in a 'Gillian Nash' creation. The outfit is completed by tights from 'Michelle'. They are soft and extremely well-fitting. I just love stripes.
The fashion show continues with the four Trendon Redheads. Zoe has had her hair re-conditioned. I got a tip from Chris (I think) who recommended washing the hair with near boiling water containing a lot of conditioner. Then washing the hair with a good shampoo and conditioning it again. Zoe’s hair was rather dry and stiff with split ends. It came out beautifully soft and I am very pleased with the result. It could all have gone horribly wrong, of course! Luckily it didn’t!

Zoe is wearing a dress made by Jadzia. It is one I really love and I am sure I have posted photos of it before, but never mind! Some things are worth a second  (or third) look!

Everyone will recognise the Ruthsdolls Annaliese-style smocked dress. Clearly a favourite with Tagan.
Sophie and Phoebe are both wearing dresses by ‘A Passion for Sasha’. Sophie’s dress has the classic Sasha look. I am very fond of checks and I love the colour.
I managed to snap up Sophie’s dress at the Chat 'n Snap – and a few other items as well. Then I made the mistake of looking on Ginny’s Etsy website when I got home and saw that lovely cinnamon button-through. Phoebe seems quite pleased with it.

These are some of my favourite outfits. There are some more to come. It is fun taking photographs of the Sashas and then to display them on the blog. For my own amusement and record as much as anything. I am bound to start repeating myself, as I have not added to my Sasha collection nor have I bought all that many new clothes to make it interesting. It might soon get too boring to continue! I may need to find a completely new angle...




Saturday, 17 August 2013


Hi! I am Raffay and I think Sashas are cool! I think it is great how they can do all kinds of things and how they look just like real kids. Here I am with ‘Raffay’, the Sasha boy. I think he looks a lot like me. He also likes riding his bike, which is cool!

I wonder whether he can do some tricks on the bike

Yeah!!! Mum had to hold the bike, but he is standing on there by himself! Brilliant!

The Accident!
A short but exciting story
entirely staged and photographed by Raffay (7) and Iona (5)
Wardrobe by Iona
 Raffay is riding very fast around the garden, while the other kids are playing a game. As usual he doesn’t look where he is going, so he doesn’t see Hanna who has decided to go and get a drink

‘Watch where you are going’, cries Hanna! 'You are making me spill my drink!'
Raffay takes no notice and the worst happens. He crashes into Hanna and she is down on the ground
Hanna has hurt her knee and is crying. The other kids and Max come running to have a look and to see how they can help.
The kids go off to find some plasters. Tagan has come to lend a hand. ‘I think you should get off your bike and help Hanna get up’, Tagan says to Raffay. ‘And I think you should say sorry and promise not to be so reckless in the future’.
‘Sorry, Hanna’, says Raffay. ‘It was just an accident. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt’.
The End





Saturday, 20 July 2013


To all my Sasha friends out there!

This is a link to Yasmin's (daughter - not Sasha) recording of one of her songs. She finally agreed to have one of them on YouTube!

I hope you will have a wonderful Summer (which seems to have finally arrived here in Britain).

I am taking a break from Sasha for a while – going ‘Cold Turkey’, as it were. I don’t seem to be able to get anything done as long as I am thinking about the needs of my Sasha family. So, being a totally weak character, I don't even allow myself to look at those lovely Sasha blogs out there, which I miss dreadfully I might add, as these have the effect of leading me astray. No looking on Ruthsdolls site either, nor on Shelley’s site and not even on Ebay until the Autumn.  I expect to be given a handsome reward for my sacrifice in the form of a blank cheque from my husband to indulge myself at Dee’s Sasha Do in October. See you then, and have lots of fun in this fine, warm weather in the meantime.  Karin

Monday, 3 June 2013


Kendal’s pictures of her wonderful Sashas always look even more amazing when taken out of doors, I thought I might try and see whether Poppy, my mid-60s Slate Eyed Götz, looks any better when photographed outside (you can see that the bonding process is not yet complete!)

She is wearing a pretty Summer outfit made by Petrana and her Boneka shoes

She has a wide-eyed look, which I like a lot. Her hair is off the face, although I think she may have had a bit of a fringe at some point.

On balance, I think the Sashas photograph better outside. They seem to need a lot of natural light to look their best.

She has a sweet profile. All in all, I think I am beginning to warm to her!!!


Sunday, 2 June 2013



This year, I thought, with the cold and damp Spring weather plus the fact that even on fine days I couldn’t get out into the garden because of back pain, my garden would be a wasteland. The most I could hope for, I thought, was that there would be at least a bit of green here and there. Who would have thought that nature took a hand and transformed my garden into a riot of colour! For some reason (maybe because of the wet and the cold) the Aquilegias seemed to go berserk! So I thought I’d just post some pictures of the garden, for a change!

West View



East View

Brunera, Geraniums and White Honesty

Rhododendron and Geranium

Nothing much more need be said – it is all very simple and self-explanatory