Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A Sari for Sasha

Ideally, for best results, your Sasha should wear a leotard with either short or ¾ length sleeves underneath her Sari. If this is not possible, a T-shirt will also do, but it is best not to have her wear any underpants, because that causes too much bulk round her middle. All will become clear!!!
In this demonstration I am using a simple vest. The other thing you need is a hairband. See picture one and two. This hairband is placed round your Sasha’s middle (on top of the leotard or T-shirt) It should be really very tight, as this will hold the Sari in position. 

Next you need a long, very fine, silk scarf. The one I have used is 150cm long and 37cm wide. It could be a little less wide and it need not be quite that long. The longer your piece of material (if it is very fine) the more pleats you can make in the front, but don't let it become too bulky.
Place the material on a flat surface and put your Sasha onto it. Wrap a part of the material around your Sasha and secure it by tucking it in as shown on the picture. Make sure the material goes right down to the tip of her feet. It should look as if your Sasha was wearing a straight skirt. (picture 3)

Next pull the long part of the material over your Sasha (picture 4). 

Now you can start to make the pleats. Use your forefinger and thumb and make about 4 or 5 pleats, depending on the length and thickness of the fabric.  I have put a pin in the pleats so that I could take a photo. You don’t need to do that. Your pleats can look either right or left – it does not matter. (picture 5)

 Get hold of all your pleats and tuck them firmly into the hairband, making sure that the length of the Sari goes down to the tip of the toes. (picture 6)

Then take the remainder of the fabric and bring it round the back then place it over your Sasha’s front. (Picture 7 and 8)

Then gather the material and fold it neatly over her left shoulder. You can either let it fall down the back or bring it to the front, as in this pale blue Sari. You can of course also drape it over her head. It is good to have a nice long piece of fabric left to do this. It is this which makes a Sari look so dramatic, as it floats behind the body or down the front in an elegant fashion. This time I have chosen to drape the Sari round to the front.

This is all probably as clear as mud! Don’t hesitate to go on to my FB page and ask me a question!