Tuesday, 27 November 2012



... a Polish Highland Fling?

Yasmin decided to take things into her own hands. She chose her favourite blouse to wear with her favourite kilt. Ok... now let's try adding the waistcoat from the Polish Dirndl. Hmmm... Still something missing. I know... The flower bracelet Iona left behind on her last visit and a couple of ribbons! Now that's an outfit I can live with!

Very pretty, Yasmin!

Friday, 23 November 2012

跆拳道 Tae Kwon Do


Raffay has earned his Yellow Belt


Remember when Raffay started Tae Kwon-do a few months ago? He proudly showed us all the moves he had learnt. Well, now he has progressed to the Yellow Belt. Congratulations Raffay, well done! I wonder what comes next? Ah... The Green Belt! Will probably take a while!

Here he is in his splendid Yellow Belt. Did you tie this yourself, Raffay? Amazing!
One quick move to show the audience how good he is and then...

...he bows down before receiving his certificate

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Of Kilts, Tartans and other Checks...

I have always liked tartans and checks, even when I was a small child. No wonder then, that I have acquired a whole lot of Sasha clothes with checks in all kinds of colours and styles. Here is a wander through my Sasha Wardrobe. See whether there is anything to like.
Yasmin is wearing a black and white kilt by Hagnolly and a stunning black polo-neck jumper and black socks by Gillian Nash. Possibly my favourite outfit! Yasmin has something of a Dusty Springfield about her, I always think.
This is a delightful dress by Stela (Aletsa) and perfect for Tagan’s colouring I think.
Here is Zoe dressed in another kilt by Hagnolly and a gorgeous bobble sweater and matching socks by Gillian Nash.
Jadzia’s clothes have a very distinctive look about them. I love this little dress. It has puffed sleeves and a swingy skirt. A little like a dress you might go ice skating in! Not too happy about the white tights. I think skin coloured tights would look a lot better. Does anyone make these?
Here is sweet little Molly in a pleated skirt, again by Jadzia. Sweater by Gillian Nash. Shoes by Ruthdolls
Hanna is in a delightful kilt by Hagnolly and the sweater and hat were made by Gillian Nash. Hanna has just come back from re-stringing by Brenda Walton. Brenda has dated her as a 1972 Gingham Girl!
I love these colours on Aysha! She is wearing a skirt (part of an outfit) made by Stela - or Stomar – I forgot to make a note! The sweater is from Nadia, in Switzerland. The boots are ‘Lisa Hartley’.
Here we have another Hagnolly kilt and one of Gillian’s gorgeous sweaters. Pheobe thinks she looks extremely stylish in this outfit! I tend to agree.
This is an outfit by Stomar. I love this dress and little jacket. It also came with a cute little knitted basket, which Iona (my Granddaughter) pocketed for her Sasha doll.
Lissi is enjoying modelling this outfit
Last but by no means least, Tabatha is wearing another one of Jadzia’s creations. a lovely tartan pinafore dress. This little dress came with a gorgeous short sleeved blouse edged in red, but since it is now getting colder, I thought I’d put her into a long-sleeved blouse also made by Jadzia..
The little munchkin creating mayhem with my photo shoot is 'Rosie', my new baby! She is now worn out and will hopefully sleep well tonight!

Friday, 9 November 2012


My Gillian Nash knitwear collection is getting bigger all the time and I love every single item in it,  but there are other wonderful Sasha knitwear designers out there and I was lucky enough to secure the outfits you see here being modelled by Natasha, Peter and Imogen. Wotan is hanging around in the hope of a walk. He feels they are dressed warmly enough for the day! After all, the sun IS shining!
Here is a gorgeous sweater dress and hat outfit by Sacksac. Natasha looks really great in it I think.  The boots are commercially made and very easy to put on even by small hands. Important when you are dressing a Sasha for a child.
Peter is wearing a sweater and pompom hat made by Fairylaine. I downloaded this pattern once from a Sasha site hoping to have a go myself. I was lost as soon as I read that the sweater is knitted from the neck down!!! So glad to see it on eBay the other day and to be the successful bidder. It is great.
Imogen’s dress and hat are knitted by Postiesbabe. She is another favourite of mine! She has kitted out my entire cricket team with her wonderful cricket sweaters. Imogen has teamed the dress with Jeggings from Dollydoodles. I love the grey colour on a blonde.  Boots – a little on the large side – from All About Dolls.