Sunday, 27 May 2012


It’s just lovely in the shade under the apple tree

Just relaxing and messing around

Introducing the new boys to the gang – Sebastian and Peter

I think they are going to like it here

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Port de bras, Iona!

Iona is going to her Ballet class. She is wearing her cape to keep warm.

Iona is practising her arm movements. Particularly important if you want to become an elegant Ballerina!

Now to first position

Second position

Up to third position

Fourth position

And now fifth position

Well done! Now back to the beginning!

Iona, I think you are ready to be one of the cygnets in Swan Lake! Toi, toi, toi!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Babies etc. etc.


Having made a start to put some of the boys' stuff on my blog, I think it is time to admit that there are also a few Sasha babies in the mix. They are very much neglected, poor things. One has gone to my youngest Granddaughter last Christmas and is much loved and played with! Sasha Morgenthaler would certainly approve of that. The others usually sit on the shelf in the same outfit year in and year out. One of them will be going off to be restrung shortly. I bought her on ebay not so long ago, because I actually felt sorry for her! Apart from her hair sticking up like a bottle brush and the strings being very loose, there is not a lot wrong with her. Her hair reminds me a bit of Yasmin's when she was born, so I have named her 'Baby Yasmin'. There is also a 'Baby Peter' and a 'Baby Tabatha'.

from left to right: Yasmin, dress 'Alexissofie', Peter, outfit 'Alexissofie', Tabatha, dress 'Sashadolls'

Is this a book I see before me? Now who is going to read us a story!

Here is Hanna! Thank goodness she can read!

Henry's Groupies

In this picture, the boys are wearing 'Henry's fashion' by Lorraine. I think 'smart casual' is a good description for this 'look'.

The beige shirt is by 'Alexissofie'