Sunday, 27 May 2012


It’s just lovely in the shade under the apple tree

Just relaxing and messing around

Introducing the new boys to the gang – Sebastian and Peter

I think they are going to like it here


Dee said...

They look lovely and cool in the shade, just chillin!

And I'm sure you two new boys will settle right in, they have lovely faces and so different to each other.

Serenata said...

They really are enjoying themselves in the shade of the tree. Such a lovely day for playing outside.

The two new boys look lovely and I am sure they will settle in really well.

Theodora said...

The one on the right is quite a petite Gregor. I have named him Peter. The other one seems a later vintage and he is called Sebastian. I think I am going to let Peter join the ballet class! What do you think!

Theodora said...

Isn't the weather just perfect! Just taking these simple photos makes me realize how much work you must be putting into your stories! I did have one incident, when my dog, Sebastian, whipped his 'space hopper' from under Teddy! The whole lot went down at that stage! Can't blame him, really! I hadn't asked permission!

Kendal said...

What a very pretty garden you have. Love the Sasha/Gregor/baby group taking advantage and enjoying the welcome shade of the apple tree. Love to see the dappled shadows on the lawn whilst the far flower boarders enjoy the sunshine. It is how I would like my garden to look except that mine isn't large or long enough to get the depth that is needed like yours.
I think that it's interesting to see how the heights of these dolls differ so, even in the same year of manufacture. I always think that my smaller lads are the younger boys and tend to dress and treat them accordingly.
My Brood were really thrilled with their 'doggy' space hopper. I think that it makes a wonderful toy and prop for when you are photographing and definitely adds a wonderful splash of colour, immediately livening up the photo.
A really delightful group photo enjoying an English garden. Thanks.
Sasha love from Kendal.

Theodora said...

Hi Kendal, many thanks for your very sweet words! The spacehopper really is a nice prop, although it does belong to Sebastian, my Cocker Spaniel, and he did whip it off Teddy a couple of times, making the whole group topple into the grass! I bought a second one, in the hope that he would allow the Sashas to have one of them, but, alas, he doesn't think like that! XXX Karin

kreinzru said...

Illustre Gesellschaft da unter dem Apfelbaum! Schön meine liebe Schwester, daß Du zu so einem tollen Hobby gefunden hast! Bald wird Dein Garten zu klein sein! Aber in England gibts ja genug Parks, wo Du dann Deine "Familie" plazieren kannst!

Theodora said...

Du hast keine Ahnung wo diese Sashas manchesmal hinkommen! Eine wurde sogar im Hadron Collider photogaphiert!!! Ich habe jetzt 5 Boys, 13 Girls and 3 babies!!! Also einen ganzen Kindergarten voll! xxxKarin