Thursday 28 August 2014


I decided to make an ‘inventory’ of all the Ruthsdolls outfits I have collected so far and take a couple of group photographs – just for reference, you understand! 

First up we have all the pretty check Studio Smocks. I have not used some of the footwear which comes with the dresses on a couple of the larger dolls, as I don’t want to stretch the shoes unduly.

 Here are some of the special outfits which are truly delightful and always give me great pleasure. My favourites in this collection change with my mood. At the moment it’s the ‘Bavarian Costume’, but then the Anneliese Smock is so enchanting...

Sunday 24 August 2014


A short bio for my FB Sasha friends

I bought a Sasha and a Sasha baby in 1973/4 for my daughter Yasmin, then 4 years old. Later, after she had tired of playing with them, I wrapped them up in material and put them carefully away in the doll’s cot in the attic, keeping an eye on them from time to time. Then, 4 years ago, I took them out of the attic to show them to my granddaughter, Hanna and I sort of fell in love. You all can relate to that, I am sure! Researching on line led me through eBay to other Sasha collectors and purveyors of delightful Sasha clothing and yes, eventually to Shelly’s website. Now I have 18 girls, 8 boys and 4 babies. I had 5, but one went home with Iona the other day! 

This is Sasha ‘Yasmin’. She is an early 70s girl (71/72 according to the stringing). I love her dearly. She has a few teeth marks left by our first Cocker Spaniel, Strummer, which tells me that Yasmin actually played with her Sashas until she was about 12. We were dogless until then.

 ‘Peter’ is a baby Nightdress. They are both named after my children.

Sunday 10 August 2014


Theresa, Dee and I met at Gillian’s house for a Sasha garden party in honour of ‘Helen’, the travelling Sasha. The weather was gorgeous and I was fetched by kind Theresa and off we went to Gillian’s with a car stuffed with Sashas and all manner of props.

 On arrival we were greeted by some gorgeous girls and a baby and we knew we were in for a treat!

We found one of Gillian’s girls checking her emails while Harry was patiently waiting for his turn on the computer.

In the Conservatory there was Theresa’s gorgeous No Nose boy and  his brother getting acquainted with one of Gillian’s pretty girls.

A trio of Gillian’s gorgeous No Navel Girls.

Prams galore in front of the Knitty Nora shop. The girls were in their element! 

Outside Master Chef (great outfit by Theresa) helped by Helen, the guest of honour, was setting up the 
 B-B-Q. It looks like a feast is being prepared. 

A queue of hungry Sashas is beginning to form. Hurry up with those Burgers!

That queue is getting awfully long! 

Some of the Sashas are not that interested in the food.

They are more interested in playing Quoits,  riding bikes, or skipping rope!

Then Harvey enters the scene. Just what is going on here??? Who are all these people? He makes a careful inspection before settling down on his favourite cushion! (Harvey, je t'adore!)

And here we are, having a wonderful time, eating, chatting and watching the goings on! What a perfect day!

Moi??? Not in the picture??? Well, someone has to take the photograph. (Phew!)