Sunday, 30 September 2012



(a short essay)

There are good reasons why we love and collect Sasha dolls, so much is obvious. It all starts innocently enough. They are beautiful, enigmatic and totally appealing dolls and you would like to own one.  Why not? So far, so good, but it takes hardly any time at all to be in their thrall. Before you know it, they are multiplying on your sideboard, book shelf or sofa and that is before you even know anything much about them.  Any pretty Sasha that comes to your attention you have to have. They are mostly mid 70’s and early 80’s Trendons and the odd Götz and very nice they are, too! Gradually, as you get to know other Sasha enthusiasts and collectors, and you begin to read around the subject, you begin to realize that there is a lot more to this, than you first imagined. There are the Studio Dolls, the Development dolls, the Early Götz and Trendon Sashas, the NP dolls, the NN dolls, the Slate Eyed girls and boys, the Side Part, the Full Centre Part etc. etc. – you get the picture.  At first glance, you may not even like the look of some of them, but you keep on looking and all of a sudden, you begin to see their beauty and you start putting them on your wish list. Then you realize, with a hint of panic, that you might have to be seriously wealthy to afford some of these beauties! You start to fantasize about owning one of them and you begin to wonder, whether you shouldn’t sell one or two from your initial collection so that may have the funds to acquire just one V.I.P. But to your horror, you discover that you have bonded with them all and that you just can’t part with any of them. It would be like selling one of your children! You are hooked. You are stuck. You continue to torture yourself by looking on blogs and in books and on Shelly’s website! You check through and .com on a daily basis. You join Sasha-mart to seek help and enlightenment. Your husband or partner has found it necessary to ask the question whether 30 Sasha dolls might not be enough!!! You have no idea, but you make an accomplice of your Postman to deliver a certain shaped parcel only when your husband/partner is not at home! You might even have said parcel delivered to a friend – just in case. Suddenly you realize that you have developed an addiction!  YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL! And there we are! The tables have been turned. We don’t own our Sashas – they own us! Resistance seems useless, so we surrender, continue looking and buying, and hope for the best!

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Dominic is feeling sad

This little boy has just arrived and I think he misses his Mum a bit. She sadly had to give him up for adoption and I was only too pleased to give him a good home. He came with his Teddy Bear who will provide some comfort and I hope that he will soon feel happy here. I think he has the appearance and facial expression of quite a young child. Below school age I would think. He is a very beautiful little boy and I love him already.

Dominic is wearing a sweater from the Gillian Nash collection. I think it suits his young image. The trousers and socks are made by Petrana

He is ‘Michael’, from the Götz Puppenfabrik. He is only the second Götz Sasha I own.

It is lovely to have you in the family, Dominic!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012



A new member of the team!

Hi, I'm Benjamin! I like playing cricket and football and I look forward to meeting the rest of the gang! I believe they are still having tea in the Pavilion!
Still waiting!
At last! Here they come!
They are a rough lot, Benjamin! I should make friends with the girls! They'll look after you.
(Benjamin is wearing trousers and shirt made by Sashadollsclothes and sleeveless sweater by Freda Ainsley [Postiesbabe]. The cricket outfits are made by Alexissofie and the cricket sweaters by Freda Ainsley)

Friday, 14 September 2012


Another Baby in the Family

Just when I decided that I really should not add any more ‘Sasha Kids’ as there is hardly any room left for the real ones, along comes this little fellow and I am hooked! This is Harry! I think he is kind of cute!
 Yasmin asks: ' Do you want to play with this?' 

None of my babies are Sasha V.I.Ps, but they are definitely cute! 
Harry is looking at a picture book with Tabatha before he goes to bed. I think it’s
‘The Ugly Duckling’.
It has been a long day for Harry and he is ready for a sleep! Good Night, Harry and welcome to the Sasha family!

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Sunday, 9th September, 2012 

The Match

The spectators have arrived early to get a good position from where to best observe the action.

The rules have been changed for this particular game (just to confuse everyone) and are as follows: every pair of batsmen/girls will face 20 balls. When one is out, they both have to leave the crease and become fielders and another pair will take their place. The pair which has accumulated the largest number of runs is declared the winner. 
Finally the batsmen are in place, the bowler is ready  and the fielders are in position. Raffay will be the bowler throughout the game. The first pair to bat is Aysha and Phoebe. Raffay, the spin bowler of the team,  has the ball and will try and get Aysha out.

Aysha is ready to receive the ball. Careful, Aysha!

Here comes Raffay!

Ooooooh! Aysha bats the ball straight to Zoe who catches the ball with one hand. What a catch! Everyone cheers!

Aysha is out for a Duck! She is already walking off the field. No runs for Aysha and Pheobe, alas!

Raffay of course is delighted! He is very proud of his bowling skills! What about Zoe’s catch, though, Raffay? Wasn’t that something? Hmn, I suppose! But anyone can catch a ball, can’t they!

And so it goes on! What a great morning’s cricket! I think he spectators got their money's worth!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The full team

The Group Photograph

[Before the all-important Match on Sunday]
Sebastian is doing a final inspection. All seems to be in order.
Now get ready to say wicket!
(Outfits by Alexissofie [Jen Williamson] Sweaters by Postiesbabe [Freda Ainsley] Cricket bats and ball by Nicholasjohn [Nick Cooper]