Sunday, 9 September 2012


Sunday, 9th September, 2012 

The Match

The spectators have arrived early to get a good position from where to best observe the action.

The rules have been changed for this particular game (just to confuse everyone) and are as follows: every pair of batsmen/girls will face 20 balls. When one is out, they both have to leave the crease and become fielders and another pair will take their place. The pair which has accumulated the largest number of runs is declared the winner. 
Finally the batsmen are in place, the bowler is ready  and the fielders are in position. Raffay will be the bowler throughout the game. The first pair to bat is Aysha and Phoebe. Raffay, the spin bowler of the team,  has the ball and will try and get Aysha out.

Aysha is ready to receive the ball. Careful, Aysha!

Here comes Raffay!

Ooooooh! Aysha bats the ball straight to Zoe who catches the ball with one hand. What a catch! Everyone cheers!

Aysha is out for a Duck! She is already walking off the field. No runs for Aysha and Pheobe, alas!

Raffay of course is delighted! He is very proud of his bowling skills! What about Zoe’s catch, though, Raffay? Wasn’t that something? Hmn, I suppose! But anyone can catch a ball, can’t they!

And so it goes on! What a great morning’s cricket! I think he spectators got their money's worth!


SimplySasha said...

Whoa! You must be exhausted! Great post!

Serenata said...

Fabulous post, they all look like they are having a great time, what a lot of work involved!

Dee said...

Karin Fabulous photo's! love the cricketers all over the field and their spectators and the action shot's . You must of spent ages setting it all up and getting the photo's right.
A labour of love and well worth it for us that get to see it.

Theodora said...

Back aches! Knees hurt! Head, too! Why am I doing this??? Thanks for the nice comment! Much appreciated xxx Karin

Theodora said...

I hope all that cricket stuff is now out of my system! It is so nice to know that other Sasha lovers know how much work it is to set up a few photos! Nice to hear from you, Lorraine! xxx Karin

Theodora said...

Thank you so much, Dee! If anyone knows the amount of work it takes, it is you! But it was fun to use all the cricket stuff and to see them looking just like the real thing! And I do love cricket - but enough for this year! xxx Karin

Kendal said...

Just woken up from my afternoon rest (compulsory I'd like to add) to find this wonderful cricket match post. Such a wonderful setting! Such sportsmanship! Such tremendous action! Such great spectators! Such a delight!....BUT where's Sebastian?

Definitely a full morning/day's hard work for you as only 'us Bloggers' know the HUGE amount of time and tremendous effort it takes to not only set up big Sasha scenes like this but then to have to get down on the ground again to take the shots, download the pics onto the computer, then edit the photos, choose which to use, before going out to put everything away, then arranging the photos in order, downloading onto the blog and finally describing them into a post for others to view.
I, as I'm sure other Bloggers can get anything between 25 to three hundred and fifty + people viewing a new post in one day (but only a handful of comments left) which certainly doesn't give you the overall picture of just how popular these Sasha posts are.

Karin, this post was nothing short of SUPERB and certainly very much appreciated by ME.. who can unfortunately no longer bend down to either position the dolls and props or lie on the ground to take photos from this angle.
A million thanks. It will remain wonderfully in my Sasha memory for a very, very long time! From Kendal.

Theodora said...

Dear Kendal, how well you describe 'The trials of the dedicated Sasha blogger'. I don't do it very often, but you are furnishing us with regular delights and I for one, really appreciate all the care and effort that goes into your wonderful pictures and settings. It is nice to get lovely comments back, but I suppose we also do it for US! I bought all these wonderful cricket outfits etc. and I just had to use them to hopefully good effect! Otherwise they would be languishing in the boxes! Very many thanks for your kind comments. It makes it all worth while to know that other people do enjoy what we enjoy. Best wishes, xxx Karin

kreinzru said...

Und wer hat jetzt gewonnen? Sag einmal! Wieviele Sashas hast Du denn schon! Schaut so richtig realistisch aus!

Theodora said...

Ja, ich weiss nicht, wer gewonnen hat, aber es ist ja egal! Hauptsache ist, sie hatten sich im Garten ausgetobt! Ich habe 14 Maedchen und 8 Buben und 4 Babies! Jetzt reicht es aber! Ich habe sie jetzt alle in ihre Winterkleidung eingekleidet und habe dazu fast eine Woche gebraucht!!! Verrueckt oder was??? Sasha hugs, xxx Karin