Friday 14 September 2012


Another Baby in the Family

Just when I decided that I really should not add any more ‘Sasha Kids’ as there is hardly any room left for the real ones, along comes this little fellow and I am hooked! This is Harry! I think he is kind of cute!
 Yasmin asks: ' Do you want to play with this?' 

None of my babies are Sasha V.I.Ps, but they are definitely cute! 
Harry is looking at a picture book with Tabatha before he goes to bed. I think it’s
‘The Ugly Duckling’.
It has been a long day for Harry and he is ready for a sleep! Good Night, Harry and welcome to the Sasha family!


Kendal said...

What a delightful group of Sasha babies Harry is joining. Two girls, Yasmin and Tabitha and now two boys, Harry and ? (you don't mention the name of the other little lad.)
The girls are definitely being very kind and thoughtful welcoming Harry by sharing their toys.
Look forward to seeing more of this little group.
Sasha love from Kendal.
PS. Adore Yasmin's hair style!

Theodora said...

Kendal, you really are too kind! The other little lad is called Peter. He is the baby Sasha I bought for my daughter Yasmin back in 1974. The baby I call 'Yasmin' came from Germany. She was in a dreadful state, but who can resist a waif? She needs re-stringing, at the very least! xxx karin