Saturday, 8 September 2012

The full team

The Group Photograph

[Before the all-important Match on Sunday]
Sebastian is doing a final inspection. All seems to be in order.
Now get ready to say wicket!
(Outfits by Alexissofie [Jen Williamson] Sweaters by Postiesbabe [Freda Ainsley] Cricket bats and ball by Nicholasjohn [Nick Cooper]


Dee said...

Karin,fabulous pictures of your sasha's and gregor's ready for their cricket the girl's pink edged cricket slipovers.

If they dont win the match at least they'll look good.

SimplySasha said...

Lovely group photo of your Sasha Kids, they look splendid!

Theodora said...

I have invented different sort of rules for the game tomorrow! But I think the girls will definitely be a match for the boys! They can't wait to show what they are made of! xxx Karin

Theodora said...

Thanks, Ronnie! May I ask, is this you in your profile picture, or is it Johnny Depp??? It always makes me smile! Take care. xxx Karin

SimplySasha said...

It is indeed the wonderful Mr Johnny Depp! Both Shelly and I are madly in love with him...but with my name Ronny (Depp) I think I have the edge...we are made for each other :) :) I wish !!

Kendal said...

Great photo! All looking extremely smart in their Cricket Whites. Good luck to the girls today. I'm sure that they'll have the edge since they have a full team, the lads being one short unless Sebastian is making up their numbers.
Love the girl's outfits. Betting that they'll have many Gregor admirers with their short, pleated skirts!!!!
Super Sasha Sunday fix! Many thanks. From Kendal.....don't forget to take some action pics for us to enjoy later.