Thursday, 27 September 2012


Dominic is feeling sad

This little boy has just arrived and I think he misses his Mum a bit. She sadly had to give him up for adoption and I was only too pleased to give him a good home. He came with his Teddy Bear who will provide some comfort and I hope that he will soon feel happy here. I think he has the appearance and facial expression of quite a young child. Below school age I would think. He is a very beautiful little boy and I love him already.

Dominic is wearing a sweater from the Gillian Nash collection. I think it suits his young image. The trousers and socks are made by Petrana

He is ‘Michael’, from the Götz Puppenfabrik. He is only the second Götz Sasha I own.

It is lovely to have you in the family, Dominic!


Julie said...

He does look a bit sad and quite young. Maybe a bit of ice cream will cheer him up.

Theodora said...

Hi Julie, that might do the trick! It's just that I know the previous owner didn't really want to part with him. That seems to have coloured my view of how he looks! But he does have a sort of melancholy air about him, poor lad! xxx karin

Kendal said...

A very big welcome to Dominic Michael.
I'm sure that he'll soon stop being homesick when he realises it's another very good Sasha home he has come to and gets to meet all your other lovely, lively lads.
Pleased to see that he has bought his Teddy with him as that will surely help comfort him especially tonight when he goes to bed.
Sasha love from Kendal.

Serenata said...

So glad he is settling in. He looks lovely and snug in his new clothes, that jumper especially is great. I'm sure once he meets all the other Sasha children he will fit right in.

Dee said...

Welcome Dominic, I love the gotz boys.They have such a nice look about them and their hair is so nice.
I am sure he will perk up now he is in a family who play all those sports and Your Boy's will soon welcome another team member for any football, cricket matches to come.He'll love being part of your active family Karin.

Theodora said...

Thank you, Kendal! Such a privilege to have another lovely boy join the team. He has now joined the others in the 'Sasha Room' and does look a lot happier. xxx karin

Theodora said...

He is doing his best, but hugging his Teddy tightly still! He'll be fine eventually. xxx karin

Theodora said...

You are right, Dee, he is a lovely looking boy! His expression is sweeter, than that of my Goetz Angela! She looks a bit 'discontented'! It is amazing how their personalities make themselves known to you very quickly! A magical lot, these Sashas. xxx Karin