Monday, 3 June 2013


Kendal’s pictures of her wonderful Sashas always look even more amazing when taken out of doors, I thought I might try and see whether Poppy, my mid-60s Slate Eyed Götz, looks any better when photographed outside (you can see that the bonding process is not yet complete!)

She is wearing a pretty Summer outfit made by Petrana and her Boneka shoes

She has a wide-eyed look, which I like a lot. Her hair is off the face, although I think she may have had a bit of a fringe at some point.

On balance, I think the Sashas photograph better outside. They seem to need a lot of natural light to look their best.

She has a sweet profile. All in all, I think I am beginning to warm to her!!!


Sunday, 2 June 2013



This year, I thought, with the cold and damp Spring weather plus the fact that even on fine days I couldn’t get out into the garden because of back pain, my garden would be a wasteland. The most I could hope for, I thought, was that there would be at least a bit of green here and there. Who would have thought that nature took a hand and transformed my garden into a riot of colour! For some reason (maybe because of the wet and the cold) the Aquilegias seemed to go berserk! So I thought I’d just post some pictures of the garden, for a change!

West View



East View

Brunera, Geraniums and White Honesty

Rhododendron and Geranium

Nothing much more need be said – it is all very simple and self-explanatory