Sunday, 19 August 2012

My cricketing heroes


Sachin Tendulkar, (aka Romy), India,
one of the greatest batsmen of all time

David Gower, (aka Teddy), England 
one of the most stylish left-handed batsmen of the modern era and one of the highest scoring players in his country’s history

Viv Richards, (aka Sebastian), West Indies
one of the greatest One Day International batsmen of all time

Steve Waugh, (aka Toby-James), Australia 
one of the leading batsmen of his time, scoring over 10,000 test runs

Imran Khan, (aka Peter), Pakistan 
Pakistan’s most successful cricket captain and one of the all-time  great fast bowlers

Shane Warne, (aka Raffay), Australia 
one of the greatest bowlers in the history of the game

Of course, there are many others I could have chosen. I don't know if there are any cricket fans in the Sasha world. Maybe they could let us know some of their all-time favourites!
(Cricket sweaters - Postiesbabe, Cricket outfits - Alexissofie - Cricket bats/balls Nick Cooper)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Boys and their games

Introducing Toby-James

There are two Toby-James’s in my life already, and now here is a third! This is my first red-headed boy and he is quite cute, if a little too neat! Must get Dollydoodled up!

No sooner had he settled in, he was pressed into playing cricket with the rest of the boys! Phew, give a boy a chance!

For those who need to know: Peter and Raffay are batting, Sebastian is wicket keeper, Romy and Toby-James are fielding and Teddy is bowling. 7 runs have been scored and no one is out!

 Game over, I think!

Cricket sweaters by Freda Ainsley (Postiesbabe), Cricket outfits and caps by Alexissofie, Cricket bats, balls and stumps by Nicholas Cooper

Friday, 17 August 2012

Introducing Sasha to Austria

Natasha on Holiday 
I can’t imagine how Sashas have failed to make their mark in Austria. I would have thought with Switzerland and Germany being close neighbours, it would have been the most natural thing in the world to have introduced Sasha dolls to little girls in Austria. I know there is a great tradition of Schildkr√∂t Dolls in my country, but even so.  
As everyone in my family was curious as to why I have become so besotted with Sashas, I took one along – plus half a suitcase full of clothes – to enlighten them! They loved the doll – who wouldn’t - , but they simply went gaga over the clothes and shoes! The quality, the designs, the sheer lunacy of finishing a garment to perfection which, after all, will only be worn by a DOLL! A doll??? A SASHA DOLL! And this one is called Natasha, if you please! 
Here are just a few pictures. I made many more, but they seem to have vanished. I suspect that my husband erased them – accidentally, of course!

The house we stayed in

An extraordinary bird carved from a tree.

Natasha enjoying the facilities

Iona and Natasha are both wearing strawberry print dresses and purple tops!

I love Natasha! But where are my chocolate pancakes. I am starving

No Sasha in view - but this is the Green Lake in Tragoess where we stayed. Magic.