Wednesday 23 July 2014


Looking through one of my keepsake boxes I came across a Birthday Card Yasmin made for me about 25 years ago!!! In those days she had time to do stuff like that for her Mum!
The protagonists are Dylan, our previous Cocker Spaniel and Sandy, our cat. The bird and the bee are total strangers to me!

I hope you like it! 

Monday 21 July 2014


My girl Tabatha (Trendon, Marina 1981)  is finally leaving her brothers and sisters to start a new life. No, you are WRONG! She has not been sold. She is going to live with my Granddaughter, Tabatha, after whom she was named.  I have a feeling that she may well be getting a new name!

Tabatha has had a hair wash to make sure she arrives at her new home spick and span.

Here she is in her ‘A Passion for Sasha’ outfit and of course she is taking along her favourite teddy bear.
 I shall miss her, but I am sure she will be very much loved by my gorgeous Granddaughter.  

Saturday 19 July 2014


Just a couple of pictures of the girls in their various denim outfits and who made them. So much sewing skill on show!  

From the left: Poppy (Petrana), Molly (Alexissofie), Yasmin (A Passion for Sasha), Hanna (skirt Hagnolly, sweater Claudia), Natasha (Stella), Aania (Petrana), Iona (Stoya/Maria) and Marika sitting (Hagnolly)

Iona’s hair, as is the custom, is in a mess again!

Tuesday 15 July 2014


A lot of tidying and re-structuring is going on in the garden. It is looking a real mess. The boys, however, thought there was a lot of fun to be had using the stump of the severely ‘pruned’ Abutilon as a climbing frame.

 Sophie and Molly are full of good advice for Lucas on the best way to start a climb. ‘Well, you do it and show me’, says Lucas, in frustration. ‘What? In these clothes? Vintage Sasha outfits? No way!’  

Toby James, Benjamin and Raffay are making a good fist of it, although getting higher is proving harder than they thought. 

Benjamin is having a bit of a rest. Lucas still hasn't figured out how to get onto the first branch, despite the best efforts of the girls. 

Just look at Peter! He managed to get right to the top! Not sure whether this is a good idea. And how is he going to get down again, I wonder? We may need to call the Fire Brigade. What do you think?

Monday 14 July 2014


Harry is enjoying a bit of peace and quiet with a good book! I think it may be ‘The Ugly Duckling’. Good story, Harry? 

Saturday 12 July 2014


‘Yasmin’ was the first Sasha I bought. She was a Christmas Present for my daughter, Yasmin, then four years old. I have talked about that in an earlier blog already. Well, this ‘Yasmin’ (a 1971/72 Sasha according to the strings) has a kind of wild look about her! Interesting, as the real Yasmin has chosen the name ‘Wilde’ as her stage name! I absolutely love this Sasha and I thought I might just do her a favour and wash her hair and see whether I can’t tame this wild mane of hers. Well, see for yourself, whether there is any difference. I can’t see any, quite frankly. Actually prefer the slightly wilder look!

Here she is in her Ruthsdolls Dirndl before the big tidy upl

And here we have her, hair newly washed and tamed, wearing another Ruthsdolls outfit
Before the latest hair wash

A couple of closer views after the hour long effort to tame the wild child

Monday 7 July 2014


Sasha Lunch 

Just a few pictures from the Sasha lunch at Dee’s. Better pictures of almost everything that went on (and more) can be found on Dee’s blog.

We had a great day. Nice company, meeting old friends and making new ones, lovely food, amazing Sashas to drool over, a walk through Dee’s and Paul’s lovely garden (nearly got lost it’s so big!!!), there is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon! 

Judith, Ronnie (nice Hat!), moi, Dee and my husband, Wasi

Dee, Judith, Ronnie, Karin and Gillian enjoying the sunshine. Love Judith's new 'onesie' on her Sasha!

A couple of Fringe Girls and a Slate-Eyed Beauty

5 Goetz Beauties

Judith's Kids
Three gorgeous Goetz Girls. Poppy in the middle (Gillian's No Nose Girl) is so cute with her amazing hairstyle.  All three fine examples of the variety you get with the Goetz Sashas. Love their outfits and shoes, too! 

I like the way Dee uses her bookcase to display her Sashas!

Once again, thanks Dee, for a lovely day. And thank Paul too for all the hard work. A gem of a man!!!


Before the off! 

Great excitement! We are going to a Sasha Lunch at Dee’s. It is always a momentous decision as to who of the Sashas should come along to a Sasha gathering. It is not possible to take them all, so a selection has to be made. Finally four have been chosen and ignoring the protests of the ones who have to stay behind, the next decision is: What are they going to wear??? One has to resist and take the easy option to put them all into Ruthsdolls dresses, or Vintage Sasha clothes.  So the trawling through boxes and boxes of Sasha garments starts.  The choice is bewildering. With a bit of luck one has an inspirational idea and a theme develops.  This time I hit on the idea that they should all wear DENIM! When they were finally dressed, I took a few pictures in the garden. 

Aania, (Goetz Slate-Eyed) wearing  'Petrana' 

Iona, here dressed in a Pinafore by Stoya and Maria (Stomar) 

Marika , (Goetz No Navel), in her Hagnolly Pinafore

Poppy, (Goetz Slate-Eyed),  in embroidered Denim Dungarees by Petrana

The three Goetz girls, Aania, Poppy and Marika, getting a bit of a play in before departing for the Sasha Lunch

Wednesday 2 July 2014


Poppy on her bike!

Just a couple of pics to continue the blogging! The outfit is perfect for this activity. I believe it was made by Stomar. I love denim on the Sashas. Point of interest: The legs of the Götz girls are fatter than those of the Trendons! Couldn’t quite push the trousers up to just below the knee!

Tuesday 1 July 2014


Three little Götz Girls!

Even though my blogging has come to a halt, my Sasha family has gone on growing! It is a shocking state of affairs! Some of my kids will have to find new homes, or else we shall have to move to bigger premises! 
Here is the latest addition to the Götz kids: Aania, a slate-eyed redhead.

She is wearing one of Ginny’s pretty dresses – and her shoe is undone!!! It doesn’t do to be too perfect!

From the left: Marika (NN),  Aania (slate-eyed), Poppy (slate-eyed). Poppy has a wider face than Aania. This gives her a very different look - her eyes seem wider apart.