Monday, 7 July 2014


Before the off! 

Great excitement! We are going to a Sasha Lunch at Dee’s. It is always a momentous decision as to who of the Sashas should come along to a Sasha gathering. It is not possible to take them all, so a selection has to be made. Finally four have been chosen and ignoring the protests of the ones who have to stay behind, the next decision is: What are they going to wear??? One has to resist and take the easy option to put them all into Ruthsdolls dresses, or Vintage Sasha clothes.  So the trawling through boxes and boxes of Sasha garments starts.  The choice is bewildering. With a bit of luck one has an inspirational idea and a theme develops.  This time I hit on the idea that they should all wear DENIM! When they were finally dressed, I took a few pictures in the garden. 

Aania, (Goetz Slate-Eyed) wearing  'Petrana' 

Iona, here dressed in a Pinafore by Stoya and Maria (Stomar) 

Marika , (Goetz No Navel), in her Hagnolly Pinafore

Poppy, (Goetz Slate-Eyed),  in embroidered Denim Dungarees by Petrana

The three Goetz girls, Aania, Poppy and Marika, getting a bit of a play in before departing for the Sasha Lunch


Kendal said...

I just love 'themes' in any shape, form or description and this 'denim' one used here was super for the occasion.

I know that Denise was apologetic about not having taken many photos of the visiting dolls but now I realise that one of your dolls was indeed standing on the wooden patio table in one of the group photos.
All four of your girls look really sweet and trendy. Perfectly dressed for the Sasha Village garden party and garden viewing.

Theodora said...

We had a great day meeting up with old and new friends and drooling over gorgeous Single Fringe Girls, Slate-Eyed and No Nose Goetz beauties etc, having lunch and relaxing. Wasi and I went home far too early, hence no photos of my four taken by Dee, and also NO DESSERT (still sorry about that)!!! I just felt that Wasi had probably had enough of Sashas after 4 hours, although he did seem to enjoy himself. xxx

Serenata said...

Lovely to see your four girls in their denim all ready for their day out. Iona especially looks very pretty.

Theodora said...

Hi Lorraine, hope you are ok! Iona is one of my favourites! Love the Trendons, have to confess. xxx

Sharon said...

What beautifully dressed girls you have there Karin, and I'm glad you had a lovely time at Dees! I would have been there but she forgot to send me my plane ticket....honestly, she is soooooo forgetful don't you think? ;) My girls were all ready and waiting for it to arrive, sandwiches packed (just in case), best clothes on, but we had to stay home and read the blog posts instead. Maybe next time! LOL
Big hugs Sharon xx

Ginger said...

I love your denim theme and your girls look so lovely in your garden. So very nice too to share your lovely girls at Dee's special gathering. Thank you for a great post :) xx

Theodora said...

Thank you Ginger! Occasionally it's good to have something to aim for when dressing the Sashas (yet again!!!). It was a fun outing. Karin xxx

Theodora said...

Hi Sharon, that is so lax of Dee! Too busy messing around with her new girl (who is quite gorgeous, truth be told). Your girls wouldn't even have needed the sandwiches, there was masses of food on offer! I think you should make an effort to get to the October meeting!!! Would be lovely to see you and your girls in person! Karin xxx