Tuesday, 15 July 2014


A lot of tidying and re-structuring is going on in the garden. It is looking a real mess. The boys, however, thought there was a lot of fun to be had using the stump of the severely ‘pruned’ Abutilon as a climbing frame.

 Sophie and Molly are full of good advice for Lucas on the best way to start a climb. ‘Well, you do it and show me’, says Lucas, in frustration. ‘What? In these clothes? Vintage Sasha outfits? No way!’  

Toby James, Benjamin and Raffay are making a good fist of it, although getting higher is proving harder than they thought. 

Benjamin is having a bit of a rest. Lucas still hasn't figured out how to get onto the first branch, despite the best efforts of the girls. 

Just look at Peter! He managed to get right to the top! Not sure whether this is a good idea. And how is he going to get down again, I wonder? We may need to call the Fire Brigade. What do you think?


Dee said...

I'm sure those girls will be able to tell Peter how to get down again, they seem to be experts ! lol
Lovely seeing them all out enjoying playing in the garden or are they supposed to be helping???
Dee xx

Kendal said...

What fun they are all having! Love outdoor Summer play.

Theodora said...

This Abutilon, alas, has been pruned to death and will have to come out - so I thought the kids could just enjoy having a bit of fun! Helping??? What's that! xxx Karin

Theodora said...

It is Summer, isn't it!!! I think we must make the most of it! Never know how soon it will come to an end! xxx Karin

Sharon said...

That is the perfect tree for them to climb, isn't it! I wonder if they need a tree house up there near the top!!! I don't blame the girls for not wanting to climb wearing their Vintage Sasha outfits though...they're far too pretty to get spoiled!
Big hugs Sharon xx

Theodora said...

Sometimes a photo opportunity does present itself, ha ha! xxx Karin

Ginger said...

I love your photos of the very well dressed boys and girls and the outdoor tree climbing is just great! I so admire your patience to have them posing just right. Well done!! :) xxx

Theodora said...

Thanks, Ginger! But this was easier than it looks! A lot of the little twigs helped to keep them in place! That left over stump was just asking to be put to good use before it goes altogether!!! xxx Karin