Sunday, 3 November 2013





Following Dee’s very successful ‘Do’ a few new outfits (although never enough) have appeared in the Sasha wardrobe. After a bit of an unseemly scramble here are the ‘winners’ getting ready to have their pictures taken in the new outfits. Iona always looks a bit of a scruff so Hanna and Molly are trying to tidy her up as best they can.
Hanna has chosen to wear a 'Vintage Sasha' dress. Very smart and sophisticated. I can't believe I actually managed to get hold of one! It was touch and go!!! Hanna chose to wear the blue shoes for practical purposes.
Iona has decided on a  'Passion for Sasha' dress which really suits her. Lovely soft material and a very pretty colour. Iona, you are looking really neat today. Not a hair out of place. I hardly recognise you!
Molly is wonderfully cosy in a 'Gillian Nash' creation. The outfit is completed by tights from 'Michelle'. They are soft and extremely well-fitting. I just love stripes.
The fashion show continues with the four Trendon Redheads. Zoe has had her hair re-conditioned. I got a tip from Chris (I think) who recommended washing the hair with near boiling water containing a lot of conditioner. Then washing the hair with a good shampoo and conditioning it again. Zoe’s hair was rather dry and stiff with split ends. It came out beautifully soft and I am very pleased with the result. It could all have gone horribly wrong, of course! Luckily it didn’t!

Zoe is wearing a dress made by Jadzia. It is one I really love and I am sure I have posted photos of it before, but never mind! Some things are worth a second  (or third) look!

Everyone will recognise the Ruthsdolls Annaliese-style smocked dress. Clearly a favourite with Tagan.
Sophie and Phoebe are both wearing dresses by ‘A Passion for Sasha’. Sophie’s dress has the classic Sasha look. I am very fond of checks and I love the colour.
I managed to snap up Sophie’s dress at the Chat 'n Snap – and a few other items as well. Then I made the mistake of looking on Ginny’s Etsy website when I got home and saw that lovely cinnamon button-through. Phoebe seems quite pleased with it.

These are some of my favourite outfits. There are some more to come. It is fun taking photographs of the Sashas and then to display them on the blog. For my own amusement and record as much as anything. I am bound to start repeating myself, as I have not added to my Sasha collection nor have I bought all that many new clothes to make it interesting. It might soon get too boring to continue! I may need to find a completely new angle...





SimplySasha said...

Your girls look extremely pretty in their new outfits! It is nice to see you blogging again Karin!

Dee said...

It's lovely to see you blogging again Karin. wasn't it fun at the Chat n Snap meeting everyone and getting some lovely things for the sasha's! So tempting! I love the dresses you got, s couple of them I now have on order with Ginny as I could not decide on the day so had to order after!!
But there was so much choice for us , it was wonderful Lol
Will definately be saving up for the next one!!
Karin you dont need new sasha's or new things to make your blog interesting, you do lovely stories , so we'll be able to read them and admire the lovely pictures.
sasha hugs Dee

Serenata said...

Never boring Karin! Great to see you blogging, have missed your wonderful posts.

Lovely to see all the gorgeous new clothes your lovely family now have, they all look fabulous indeed. Sounds like you had a great day.

Anonymous said...

Molly is so sweet in that cosy grey dress with perfect matching tights!
I'm stripeslovin too :)

Theodora said...

Hi there Ronnie! Being sucked in again! Dee's Do was a blast. Nice to meet people I have only known second and third hand!

Theodora said...

It was a really lovely occasion, Dee and beautifully organized. I loved the display your husband put together. That was quite something. Nice to have a look at all the wonderful Sashas and meeting lovely Sasha people. Thanks for organizing this. I know you worked very hard (and Gillian too!) but it was worth it. Love Karin

Theodora said...

We all had a great time, but I missed seeing you. Would have liked to get to know you personally, Lorraine. On another occasion, hopefully. Karin xxx

Theodora said...

Hi Digne! I have a very soft spot for Molly! It's not always the most wonderful Sashas that capture your heart! Thank you for your comment. Karin xxx

Sharon said...

I nearly missed this and have no idea why! What a lovely bunch of girls you have here Karin, and I love how Hanna and Molly are sorting out Iona!! That's usually me, the scruffy one!
All your outfit choices are so pretty, I particularly like the knitted grey dress with the striped tights, it looks perfect on Molly, and very cosy and warm too. I also really like the checked fabric of the dresses, it's just perfect for winter wear. I think I might need to invest in some tartan!
Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

Kendal said...

Pleased to have you back blogging after your break and it was lovely to finally meet you in person at Dee's 'Do.'

Looks like another Sasha collector had a big spend there too! So much to see and buy and all within a matter of metres!
I was pretending that it was a little Christmas Day for me and my Sashas!

Your girls have certainly benefitted from your visit as they all look radiant in their new dresses.
I absolutely adore your Sasha sized furniture and accessories particularly all those super sets of little books in the bookcases.

Theodora said...

It was lovely meeting you too, Kendal! I have seen some photographs of you in the past and I have read all your comments on people's blogs, but it is always so much more rewarding meeting people face to face. It was a really nice occasion and you are not wrong! It was very easy to spend a lot of money in a very few minutes!

All my 'Sasha' sized furniture is what is left over from Yasmin's childhood! The book case is actually a spice rack! I never throw anything away and sure enough, all those bits are coming into their own again. I love miniature books and most of those were languishing amongst their full-sized cousins! It needed the Sashas to bring them out into the light of day!

The room belongs to my grandchildren and when they come to stay, I have to do an awful lot of re-arranging! But this is all a lot of fun and it has put me in touch with some absolutely lovely people whom I now count amongst my dear friends! I hope we shall meet again on another Sasha occasion. Until then, love and best wishes, Karin

Theodora said...

Hi Sharon, am tempted to say you didn't miss much!!! It is all rather repetitive! I am getting back into blogging, but I am having trouble sitting at the computer (back problems at the moment) so I am not following the lovely blogs out there! But I will!!! In the meantime, lots of love from all of us here - Sashas included!!! Karin xxx

DollMum said...

They all look so good in their new outfits from Dee's event - it was very good to meet you. I'm glad you've blogged again, as I said to you at the CnS I've missed your blogging over the summer.

Theodora said...

Hi (I still don't know your name) Dollmum, It was great meeting you and your lovely daughter. I took such a nice picture of her but obviously I can't put it on my blog without your permission. I would like to post a few of the pictures I took at the CnS. It was fun and I spent far too much money. Saying that, I adore the croquet set! A beautifully designed item. xxx Karin