Saturday, 17 August 2013


Hi! I am Raffay and I think Sashas are cool! I think it is great how they can do all kinds of things and how they look just like real kids. Here I am with ‘Raffay’, the Sasha boy. I think he looks a lot like me. He also likes riding his bike, which is cool!

I wonder whether he can do some tricks on the bike

Yeah!!! Mum had to hold the bike, but he is standing on there by himself! Brilliant!

The Accident!
A short but exciting story
entirely staged and photographed by Raffay (7) and Iona (5)
Wardrobe by Iona
 Raffay is riding very fast around the garden, while the other kids are playing a game. As usual he doesn’t look where he is going, so he doesn’t see Hanna who has decided to go and get a drink

‘Watch where you are going’, cries Hanna! 'You are making me spill my drink!'
Raffay takes no notice and the worst happens. He crashes into Hanna and she is down on the ground
Hanna has hurt her knee and is crying. The other kids and Max come running to have a look and to see how they can help.
The kids go off to find some plasters. Tagan has come to lend a hand. ‘I think you should get off your bike and help Hanna get up’, Tagan says to Raffay. ‘And I think you should say sorry and promise not to be so reckless in the future’.
‘Sorry, Hanna’, says Raffay. ‘It was just an accident. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt’.
The End






Serenata said...

Wonderful Raffay and Iona, well done what a great story!

Dee said...

Great Story Raffay and Iona, nice to see that someone is playing with and keeping those Sasha's and Gregor's in line while nan's off being good for the summer !
Hugs Dee

Theodora said...

Hi Lorraine, nice to hear from you. Yes, the kids had a great time with the Sashas. Amazingly Raffay really likes them. He seems to see the potential in them! It is nice when you have toys which children really appreciate. They also had a great time with the old Fisher Price house and school. xxx

Theodora said...

Ha ha, Dee! Yes, I have tried to see whether I can have Sasha-free times! The kids really enjoyed them. Iona spent a lot of time (with Grandma) re-dressing them! It is interesting to see what children think. I asked her to get down all her favourites off the shelf. You wouldn't believe it, but all the ones she chose were the early Sashas and the Goetz girl I bought recently. Expensive tastes! Quality will out! Love Karin

Sharon said...

What a great little story, it's great to see that boys as well as girls enjoy playing with dolls! I love the human Raffays hair, it's so cool, he looks like a surfer dude!
I thought it was funny that Iona chose all the early dolls to redress! LOL, oh dear, someones going to be broke in the future!!
Lovely to hear from you Karin, and hope you're enjoying your summer!
Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

Theodora said...

Hi Sharon, So funny that you should say Raffay looks like a surfer!!! He lives in Bude, is a real tomboy and yes, he has a surfboard and is already quite a good surfer!!! I think there must be something special about the early Sashas. They are much more appealing. Can't think of any other reason why she likes these better. God knows there is a lot of choice there!
I hope you are enjoying the summer as well! We did actually have some good weather the past few weeks, which was nice. Raining now! Love, Karin

DollMum said...

Well done Raffay and Iona, great story.
Some of the older toys were so well designed so its no wonder they like the Fisher Price ones (we had the camper van with boat and had hours of pleasure creating endless different stories with it). Iona has great taste in Sasha dolls (picking all the early ones as her favourites).
A long time ago when I was a teenager we had a couple of small children come to play (children of a friend). The little boy, aged 18 months, loved my Triang dollshouse and all its contents and played with them very carefully. Always great when boys and girls are encouraged and are interested in toys normally associated with 'only for one gender', they get so much learning and fun from ignoring the toy preference stereotypes imposed on them by society.

I'm glad you have enjoyed your Sasha dolls over the summer while taking a blogging break.

Theodora said...

So nice to hear from you! The old Fisher Price toys (we also have the camper van, which was used this time as well) have so much more play value than the newer ones. They can use their imagination with those - not so proscriptive. I bought Iona a newer one and she hardly ever played with it. They both like the Sashas and had some fun with those. So all in all, the visit to grandma was quite a success! Iona is still too little to handle all the intricacies of the Sasha clothing, as it is mostly not designed to be used by children, so I had to be fully involved in all the wardrobe changes, and you can imagine, that there were many!!! My other grandchildren are coming up next week, so I shall ask them to choose their favourite Sashas. Let's see whether they, too, go for the older ones!
I shall get into the Sasha swing again in October! There is still an embargo on looking at other blogs and getting sucked into the Sashamania again!
I hope you are enjoying your summer, too! Love, karin

Kendal said...

Gosh! Have only just come across this and it's just wonderful and all done by two young kids. Puts me way to shame! Such fabulous positioning and posing to illustrate the superb little storyline.
I'm thinking that we have another 'Dee and her Sasha Village' in the making here.
Must watch this space more closely in the future.
Many thanks for the entertainment, Raffey and Iona. Anymore????

Theodora said...

Hi Kendal, so nice of you to notice! Alas Raffay and Iona are back in Bude. Iona does have a Sasha boy and a Sasha girl, but no props!!! Yasmin thinks the house is already cluttered enough and has put her foot down on Sasha paraphernalia!!! Maybe at Christmas time! They had a great time playing with them, which is nice! I am really still keeping off the Sasha circuit (officially) because I can't trust myself! I spend too much time and money on Sashas and have an embargo on myself until October! Lovely to hear from you. Karin