Friday, 24 May 2013


Yes, another year has passed and I have spent a really nice day celebrating. Amongst my presents are a couple or three which are Sasha related, and I should like to share those with my blog. 
First up, part of a poem with reference to my Sasha dolls:
(a wonderful, wonderful poem by my daughter, Yasmin, recounting my entire life in verse!)
 But when the grandkids aren’t at hand
She thinks her Sasha dolls are grand
Decked in their bespoke couture
Primped and washed and well-coiffured
They each bear a family name
And put their counterparts to shame
‘Cause all of THEIR clothes are designer
And all of OURS are made in China!
Wasi doesn’t seem to mind
We suspect he’s just resigned!
(I detect just a tiny hint of criticism here regarding the amount of money being spent on Sasha clothes!!!)
Iona is wearing a very pretty dress made by Petrana. A present from my friend Elizabeth, who often visits me to see what's new in my Sasha world. I love the dress!



Here Iona is showing off her JJ shoes, a present from Gillian! They are wonderful! I had no idea how well made they are and how well they fit. Such a surprise and a real delight. Iona thinks so too!

Poppy is wearing a sweet little dress  also made by Petrana. A present from my friend Jan. I think it really suits her. It’s beautifully made like all of Petrana’s clothes. I think I have something similar already in my clothes collection!!! 

I didn’t realize that the slate-eyed Götz girls are quite a bit taller than the Trendons from the early 70s.

My husband bought me this Ruthsdolls outfit, which I love. I am ashamed to say that I opened it as soon as it came and started to take photos with it. I parcelled it up again, so that he could wrap it up for me. Luckily, he does not follow my blog!!!




Serenata said...

A very happy birthday to you. Fabulous poem, that in itself is a great gift.

What lovely generous friends you have to give you Sasha related items for your birthday!

Theodora said...

Thank you, Lorraine! The poem is a wonderful present. It is very long, as you can imagine!!! I laughed and I cried all the way through it. Yes, my friends now know that I value Sasha related items above any other presents! Even my husband has realized it, although he doesn't quite understand it! xxx Karin

Dee said...

Happy Birthday Karin, great poem from the family I think they are jealous that the 'girl' have the good clothes Lol
And what lovely gifts, Petrana's dresses and also a Ruth dolls outfit and Jj shoes what a great set of Sasha designer gifts, I may try pointing this out to my family, who always say 'what do you want for your birthday.. and DON't say something Sasha!"
have a lovely day.
Dee xx

Theodora said...

Thanks, Dee! Yes, on your birthday you should get the gifts you really want!!! Difficult to get that across, sometimes!!! xxx Karin

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to yoooou
Happy Birthday to yooooou
Happy Biiiirthday dear Kariiiiiin
Happy Birthdaaaay tooooo yoooooooo!
I'm sorry about my terrible voice Karin, but hope you had a lovely day all the same!
The poem is great, and so are your presents! I love dolly related things as presents but I have to say that my husband generally says "Haven't you got enough?", my son says "get yourself something then and I'll give you the money..." and my mum, well she says "No, I'm not buying for the dolls, I'm buying you something that you need!" Well it's not about 'need' is it, it's about 'want'!!! And even if she gives me money she says "buy something for yourself NOT the dolls!" But we all know that what we buy for our dolls, probably gives us the most pleasure!
Anyway, back to your lovely outfits, they're beautiful, as are those gorgeous shoes. Your girls all look super in them!
Enjoy the rest of your day!
Big hugs Sharon xx

Theodora said...

Hi Sharon, your voice is lovely! Perfect pitch and all that! Thank you for your wishes and for the total understanding of our mental state as regards dolls!!! I don't know why this is so difficult to comprehend? I suppose I am lucky that my husband is too lazy to go and find a present for me and so he goes along with whatever I choose!!! And I do have some understanding friends. Elizabeth, for instance, is very interested in design, fabrics and clothes in general and finds some of the Sasha clothes very interesting. Anyway, I had a good day, despite my shingles attack, which is driving me crazy! I hope you are well and happy. Love Karin xxx

Sharon said...

Thank you, glad you liked my sent all the neighbourhood cats howling and hiding under bushes this end!
Sorry to hear about your shingles, I've not had it but heard that it's really horrible and painful, so I wish you better really quickly.
Big hugs again, Sharon xx

Kendal said...

Belated birthday wishes. So pleased that you had such a wonderful day and many Sasha related presents.
Absolutely love the poem. So fabulously personal and unique. Dee wrote me one especially for my birthday and I was over the moon with it as it's something that I just can't do however hard I try.

I think that most Sasha collectors want Sasha related items for Christmas and their birthdays although as you say our family's don't always agree.....but luckily we have some like- minded Sasha friends so all is not lost!
That was very naughty opening your husband's birthday gift to you and then sealing it back up again so that he wouldn't know. You'll never get to Heaven if you continue doing things like this.

Loving your Gotz girl. It is sometimes so difficult trying to decide which clothing suit which dolls the very best BUT it is fun having the trying-on sessions to find out.

Theodora said...

Thank you, Kendal! Yes, Yasmin's poem was epic! It recounted my entire life up till this moment! Re Wasi's present, I am sufficiently admonished! I shan't in future open my presents before I am supposed to! Just couldn't resist, as it was a Ruthsdolls outfit! There may be other deeds keeping me from getting into Heaven! I dare not think about it. xxx Karin