Monday, 13 October 2014


What are you up to Peter? 

Oh! You want me to read you a story?


This is April. She is a Goetz (Victoria). My first Goetz baby. Quite sweet, really. She is wearing 'A Passion for Sasha' .

She has made friends with baby Yasmin, who has recently been to Brenda Walton to enjoy the  'Spa' experience.  

In the good old tradition of make overs - here she is before...

...and here is the 'new' Yasmin: Cleaned up, hair tamed, lips painted and stringing changed. Thank you, Brenda! Yasmin's little outfit is made by Alexissofie! 


This lovely dress and hat was made by Sacksac, who I believe is Rosie Laird. Love the colours and they really suit this honey-blonde Trendon baby.


Aysha is keeping the babies amused with a game of Simple Simon says... But there is always one, isn't there, Harry!!!


This enchanting little baby is the latest addition to the Sashamania clan. She is an early black baby, but probably not from the first production. 

To complete this baby blog, here is a group photograph of the present lot of babies. Zoe is making sure they are behaving themselves and sitting still for the camera. Great job, Zoe!!!


Rosie said...

What well behaved babies you have - I love the group shot.
Thank you for including my knit in your photos.
Your girl in the first picture has a lovely dress - I love the understated pattern.

Kendal said...

Loving the 'before and after' photos of baby Yasmin. Brenda's transformation is almost unbelievable! Such a sweet cute little tot now! I have always been very partial to the babies and had sixteen of them at one time.

The new 'Sacksac' outfit is the perfect colouring for your baby Rosie with her strawberry blonde hair.
A beautiful newly arrived little black baby and the Passion for Sasha red spotted dress gives Gotz pale skinned baby Victoria a lovely splash of Autumnal colour.

Wonderful how the three bigger kids are taking it in turns to help look after the babies. Rather reminds me of my roll in life being the eldest child of five siblings.

Theodora said...

Hi Rosie, if you look at the sweater dresses blog page, the two I bought from you are also there and you are mentioned! I had completely forgotten who made these and had to search through quite a lot of photographs to find the inof! I should write these things down, really! I love that baby dress I managed to win! It's often difficult to win a bid on your items!!! Not surprising, really! xxx Karin

Theodora said...

I always love your comments, Kendal, because you build in some information about yourself as well! Five siblings! I bet you had your hands full. It is nice, though, being part of a big family. There were just three of us and consequently there are no cousins for my children, which is a shame. I am beginning to be very fond of the babies, but I am not sure whether I will be able to match your collection! xxx Karin

Ginger said...

Just adorable Karin!!! I love the babies too and especially their personalities that develop when they are adopted by their new families. Your pretty black girl is just wonderful and such a very pretty dress in the last photo! Harry is precious too and he shows that not all babies think alike ;). Your baby Rosie looks perfect in her knitted outfit of lovely Fall colors. Nice pram too! A great post :) xxx

Theodora said...

Ginger, you are a star!!! You have just pointed out, that I have called two of my babies 'Rosie'!!! I now shall have to find a name for my little black girl! I think, I might just call her Poppet! I am sure I have not yet used that name!!! I must have had a senior moment - well, episode, really! xxx Karin

Serenata said...

Brenda does fabulous transformations doesn't she? I bet your little baby has beautifully soft hair now as well!

They look like they are enjoying themselves immensely and seem to be very well behaved little munchkins. They are lovely.

Theodora said...

You are absolutely right, Lorraine! Hair soft and silky!!! I wonder how she does it! It was a dreadful mess at the back Karin

Sharon said...

What a lovely bunch of babies, and sooooo well behaved! And really very well dressed too Karin!
I think that Brendan did a great makeover on the little brunette baby Yasmin, I really must contact her about restringing one of mine....unless I just find out where to get the best elastic and do her myself...that is probably what I'll end up doing.
I love that little redheaded Gotz girlie of yours too Karin, she's really very pretty!
Big hugs Sharon xxx

Theodora said...

Sharon you do realize that Brenda will be at the Chat n Snap? You could hand over your Sasha then and save at least on one lot of postage! It is all old hat really, as this has all been on FB!!! But I like to put it in the blog - mainly for myself!
See you soon - I hope!!! xxx Karin

Dee said...

I did not realise that you had so many babies in your nursery Karin! and what a lovely bunch they are. :) I'm sure one or two will arrive to add to their numbers as these babies can be irresistible and a cheaper way for a Sasha fix!! lol
Looking forward to catching up with you on 25th
love Dee xx

twizel said...

Hi Karin wonderful babies and great photography too, a wonderful post xx

Anonymous said...

Me gustaría saber cuáles son las medidas de tu muñeca Sasha