Monday, 28 January 2013



I had a letter from the Toothfairy!

I am having some dental work done, and this arrived in the post! I venture the toothfairy's name is IONA, aged 4!

It may not be needed, but the letter says:
To Karin. I have lots of teeth in my sack. Thank you for your teeth! You've been so brave.
Love from the tooth fairy
I love you . 


SimplySasha said...

How sweet is that! Isn't Iona lovely?

Theodora said...

It really made me smile! xxx

Dee said...

What a lovely letter to receive from your
sweet and kind grand daughter!
And very artistic too!

Sharon said...

Awww this is very special indeed! I've never had a letter from the tooth fairy!!!!
Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx
PS Hope your dental work isn't too painful!

Theodora said...

Hi Sharon, well, as the Tooth Fairy said in her letter, I am so brave! I don't know what I have let myself in for and that's the truth! xxx Karin

Theodora said...

It is so nice to know someone cares!!! xxx karin

Kendal said...

Superb detailed drawing of the Tooth Fairy.
Sasha love from Kendal.
PS.If Iona she gets in touch with the Tooth Fairy again please would she ask her if she has a few teeth to spare... as I could do with a couple sent over here as replacements.

Theodora said...

There is every chance that Iona will be in touch with the Tooth Fairy again. I shall ask her to have a word with her on your behalf, Kendal! xxx Karin