Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Old, Old Story...

Retold in a few pictures

Grandma (limited sewing skills) was asked to make a shepherd’s outfit for Grandson Raffay for the nativity play at his school. It got a bit too big and he’ll probably still be able to wear it when he is 20, but by way of proof that it was good enough, Raffay’s Mum kindly sent pictures. Iona was bribed with a lolly to pose as an angel (how sweet!) with her brother, the shepherd.

 The Angel leads the Shepherd
“Look at yonder star”, said the Shepherd to the Angel
There was no room at the Inn
“We have found him!”
All done...
...thank goodness!



Sharon said...

Awww that's a very sweet shepherd! I love the little Angel with her lollipop too!

Theodora said...

The little Angel is quite a little Devil (some of the time). And the cute Shepherd is exactly what he looks like: another little Devil!!! But I adore them! Happy Christmas, Sharon!xxx Karin

Kendal said...

Absolutely charming and so delightful. If he acts as well as this he'll steal the limelight at the school's performance and win an Oscar.
Love Iona as the angel and smiled at the lollipop bribe! What we parents have to do at times.
They both have such big, beautiful brown eyes. I'm very envious as they are something that I would loved to have had instead of my small, pale blue ones.
Smart tree and decorations. Hopefully it might spur me on to do mine but still ploughing on with the writing of the cards and wrapping of the presents that all need to be posted!
Sasha love and thanks, from Kendal.

Dee said...

A lovely performance from them both.
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas which is approaching much to rapidly for my liking!
I still have presents to buy and a tree to put up!

Theodora said...

Well, Raffay does take after his Mum who is an actor (Yasmin Wilde)! She seems to have passed on this sense for the dramatic to her son! It does have its fun side! The tree is only half done! I haven't even started on mine yet. So much to do at this time of year - I feel that it is now beyond my capabilities really! I shall take a back seat after this year!
I hope you will have a very enjoyable, happy and peaceful Christmas. Much love, Karin

Theodora said...

It is time to start panicking, I fear! My tree will go up tomorrow but for the rest of it, I seem to have given up this year! Haven't even done my usual Christmas baking. I just don't feel up to it!

I hope you will have a very happy and joyful Christmas! I am looking forward to your blog, which will be excellent, as usual! Love Karin xxx

SimplySasha said...

Wonderful pictures of the children! How I miss mine being small and sitting on small school chairs getting cramp whilst watching the christmas plays :)
Have a super Christmas....I have no energy to cope with Christmas this year..and am not at all organised :)

Theodora said...

Oh, I remember it well - the sitting on tiny chairs and getting cramp and back aches! Won't see this play, as they are all in Bude and I am here in Cambridge! I suppose some things one does not miss! Organisation is overrated, Ronnie - it takes the spontanaity out of it all! Have a wonderful ad hoc Christmas and all the very best for the New Year! xxx Karin