Monday, 3 December 2012

A SASHA WELCOME... Gillian’s House!
As we entered the house, we were greeted by a delightful bunch of Gillian's kids - all on their best behaviour. It set the scene for what was to follow: a really nice, relaxed day devoted to Sashas and friendship. Alas, I am no Kendal, so it is all downhill from hereon in, as far as the photography goes, folks! Apologies in advance. 
Miami Beach? You wish! It’s freezing here! Thank goodness, we have our Dollydoodles outfits to keep us snug!
Judith had brought some of her Toddlers along, which surprised us all, as we did not know she had any! They were irresistibly cute and had us all drooling!
These gorgeous girls belong to Dee. The twins looked so sweet in their nearly matching outfits. Just love them. I also love that outfit worn by that beautiful redhead! Very smart!

Here is the whole group (picture by Gillian). Judith’s babies and Toddlers  with their gorgeous  Maileg pram. A group of Dee’s wonderful girls including the twins and Gillian’s great redheads.

These two Götz Sailor Girls are enchanting! Another pair of twins, of course, and these belong to Gillian.  So beautiful!
What have we here? Harvey's peeping in!  Gillian’s beautiful cat - a real character. He stayed outside as he is not keen on visitors, but after having had a good look at us all, he decided that it was safe enough to join us! He came in, and greeted us individually, and then left us again. Harvey, it was nice meeting you!

School’s Out!!! Here is the ubiquitous School Photograph! In the top row are some real characters, all belonging to Gillian. From left to right we have: Rory, Amelia, Nell, Harry and Phoenix. They are all in Ruthsdolls uniforms, except for Harry. His uniform was made by Linda Nash, aka Woodman.

The four blonde girls standing in the front row belong to me: Imogen is in the Tiffin Girls School Uniform made by Ruth to precise specifications, then Natasha  in the basketball track suit (thank you, Judith!).  Rebecca is wearing the Tiffin regulation tracksuit made by Ruth and at the end, Iona is in the sports shirt, also made by Ruth and the hockey skirt was made by Lorraine. India and Blossom, Gillian's gorgeous girls,  are in Frilly Lilly school uniforms. The little school girl, seated, belongs to my friend (No-I-am-not-a-Sasha-Person) Wendy. April, that's her name,  suddenly lost her stringing and is going for repairs a.s.a.p. We all think she needs a brother to keep her company!

The Sasha Coven: Judith, Dee, Wendy, Theresa, Gillian (the face of the photographer will  thankfully remain a mystery. Yeah!!!)

It was a really lovely occasion. A nice lunch was prepared and eaten,  useful information was exchanged, Sashas were admired, friends were made - it doesn't get any better than that! Thank you Gillian! We must do it again, soon!



SimplySasha said...

Your photography was good Karin!! Lovely to see you girls...and the toddler clothing!!

Serenata said...

What a wonderful day you all had Karin, such fun. Great outfits on all of them.

Theodora said...

You are too kind, Ronnie! Gillian had a lot more little groups of Sashas dotted around artistically, and I didn't photograph them! How silly of me! I was too busy enjoying myself. Loved your dogs outing at the seaside. xxx Karin

Theodora said...

Hi Lorraine, I finally met some of the Sasha people! They are a really lovely bunch! You wouldn't expect anything else, really! I am looking forward to meeting you too. How are you and how is your son? I hope all is well. xxx karin

SimplySasha said...

I would be like a kid in a sweet shop...I can look at Sashas for hours and sometimes do whilst on the computer when I should really be doing my housework :)

Theodora said...

I don't know what it is about Sashas. They are compelling dolls. It is really a kind of spell they put you under. I find it incomprehensible when some people don't feel this! Like you, I get easily distracted into Sasha-ing! I spend a lot of time 'just looking' as you say! We are either completely mad, or the sanest people on this earth! xxx karin

Serenata said...

I'm fine thanks Karin and my son is good now too thank you.

Kendal said...

Another most delightful and interesting Sasha post. Photography is just great. (Noticed the super camera that you were using! I can but continue wishing for one!)

Loving seeing not only the Sasha Collectors (especially the 'first timers!') but all the beautiful dolls that were lucky enough to go. (Wonderful too to notice who bought those outfits that I missed buying through lack of seeing them on time or more likely of late, lack of Sasha funds!!!)

'Nice' to see some of Gill's dolls grouped around her house as mine are here. I enjoy saying a quick 'Hello' to them as I pass by when moving from room to room. This way I can keep in good contact and make sure that they are behaving themselves.

A rotten time for Wendy's April to suddenly loose the elasticity in her stringing, though pleased to hear that a re-string is near at hand.

Super idea of the school photograph! Our Sasha Dolls certainly suit school uniforms.
Talking of uniforms I noticed that ALL of you were dressed in coordinating grey and black ready for YOUR group photo! Very clever!!!!

Sasha love and many thanks for this most enjoyable post. From Kendal.

Theodora said...

Hi Kendal, The camera in the picture is not mine! I am luckily in none of the photos that were taken that day! But I, too, would have been dressed in black/grey as were the others! The Sashas were all beautifully clad in expensive Vintage Sasha - Dollydoodles - Woodman outfits! One can only wish! Thank you for your nice comments! xxx Karin

Dee said...

It was lovely to meet you at last Karin. Your photo's are great I especially like the one of Gill's cat Harvey looking in , wondering who all these people are and not more dolls!!
It was great fun and very interesting meeting everyone and seeing all the Sasha's etc
I loved the Tiffin uniform, tracksuit and PE kit your girls were wearing.

I fabulous way to start December.

Sasha hugs Dee x

Theodora said...

I was really looking forward to meeting you too, Dee! I felt I knew you already from reading your blog and what I gleaned from Gillian. All good, I might add! So it was really great to see you face to face at last. It was such a nice, relaxed day and I really enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to meet Judith and Theresa as well. And the Sashas did not disappoint! They were a feast for the eyes. Such beautiful girls and boys, babies and toddlers. Sasha magic. xxx Karin

Sharon said...

Oh wow, what a lovely day you all must have had together! Such beautiful dolls (and ladies too of course!) and wonderful outfits....those school uniforms are to die for! I must have been really great to meet up and chat about dolls without other people overhearing and thinking these 'grown women' have lost the plot!!
Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx