Monday, 6 February 2012


The Boys

As with the girls, a lot of the fun in owning Sasha boys is dressing them up, then putting them into situations that 'real' boys might find themselves in - and then taking the inevitable pictures!

Romy in his whites. This gorgeous outfit was made by Alexissofie

Howzat! Raffay bowled. Romy batted the ball straight to Teddy who made a superb catch.
Outfits by Alexissofie. Raffay's and Teddy's Cricket Sweaters knitted by Postiesbabe.

This is Raffay wearing the very first outfit I ever bought from Petrana. It came beautifully boxed and it was a joy receiving it!

For my birthday last year I received a couple of dresses from The Doll Works. I love gingham dresses and the Sasha wardrobe  contains a fair number of those. These are a fine example of the genre!

Three pretty girls in Summer frocks! Yasmin is wearing a dress by Justsew. Iona and Imogen are in the birthday dresses from Andrea at the Dollworks

Shall we have some cake?

Iona is wearing a dress by Jadzia. The beautiful dress Lissi is wearing comes from America, but I can't remember who made it. It would be ideal, if all garments came with sewn-in labels. After all, they are 'designer' clothes for Sashas!

Just a few more...

Iona, Phoebe and Imogen in dresses by Jadzia. Hat by Dee

Some more dresses by Jadzia

Some of Petrana's dresses

Three splendid Kilts - by Hagnolly
Iona, Zoe and Hanna are doing a spot of Scottish dancing!


Dee said...

Lovely pictures. It's nice to see allthe lovely clothes your sasha's own.
And the boys playing cricket are great and I must say that I love Romy's face, a very handsome lad.

Serenata said...

I love the last photo of the Scottish dancing :-) You have some really gorgeous outfits for your kids. Like Dee I also love the first photo of Romy, he is indeed a very handsome lad :-)

Theodora said...

The clothes seem to be breeding in the cupboard!!! I thought of culling some, but I go through phases when a certain dress discarded as boring a while ago, suddenly appeals again! I love seeing your blog. And Lorraine's. Lovely stories. Makes it fun to look at

Theodora said...

Some of the Sashas can be put into quite interesting poses! The trick is in keeping them there! Must check on your Henry today! See how he is getting on with his itinerary!